Hand Gesturing For Android Phones

EyeSight Mobile technologies, makers of the eyeCall app for feature phones, announced that they are hard at work developing for the Android platform.  What’s the big deal?  Well, imagine being able to answer a call, control your mp3 player or play a game just by waving your hand over your front facing cam on your handset.  This is what eyeSight Mobile can do for you!

From the press release:

“EyeSight provides a natural and intuitive way to control portable devices and applications. As the number of applications continues to increase, users spend more time navigating complicated menus. So, for instance, when using a mobile navigation system, instead of looking for a specific key or clicking specific areas on the screen, the driver focuses on the road, and controls the device by a simple hand gesture. Moreover, while playing mobile games, eyeSight’s technology enables playing by using hand motions emulating real life actions such as throwing a ball, catching a boomerang, blocking enemy’s attacks, and more. The technology has been developed to work within many Android phones’ apps and provides a new, fun and exciting way for users to easily control their favorite activities.”

EyeSight has had some success using their eyeCall application on feature phones, namely Nokia handsets.  We will see if this is something that is going to translate well over to the Android platform, using new handsets like the EVO that have a front facing cam.  Check back for more info as it becomes available.