See What’s Happening in Android Market with ‘AppAware’

ETH University of Zurich, a science and technology university, recently released a new application named AppAware which aims to build a social network around the Android Market.  Want to see what others are installing, updating, and removing?  Become “App Aware” of what’s going on!  It’s also possible to integrate App Aware into your twitter account so that you can share all the little things you add, update, or delete from your phone.

As we read through the comments from the Android Market, we sense a pretty happy crowd.  Plenty of adjectives like ‘cool’, ‘excellent’, and ‘helpful’ in the first few reactions.  However, the twitter integration might turn some people off.   As the Android Market grows, and presumably App Aware, twitter users could potentially find themselves bombarded with updates.  Imagine following a few hundred people who are constantly updating their phone in some capacity and you could quickly find yourself in information overload.

On the other hand, the app by itself appears practical and would be a great place for new Android users.  The UI looks clean and to the point, forgoing any clutter.  There’s also a nifty little meter that shows the total number of installations and removals for specific titles to give indication as to whether or not you should even bother downloading that app you were weighing.

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