Huawei: Did We Say Q2 of ’09? We Meant Q3

Chinese handset maker Huawei Technologies was one of the 14 companies who joined the Open Handset Alliance last week and they were quick to show support of Android, pledging Android handsets by the second quarter of the year. We’re here to let you know that Hauwei has already had to amend that time frame – but not by too much.

Huawei can confirm that their first Android smartphone is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2009. Huawei’s smartphones can be ordered and developed for Australian operators based on any such requests. – Hauweu spokesperson

Technically… yes, it is a delay from the original announcement, but we’re not surprised.  A few weeks or months is fine by us if they are using the time to polish things up.   Don’t bring a half cooked Android phone to the market.

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