Headcase Games Releases Popular Game 180 for Android with Unique Monetization Scheme

As the Android ecosystem continues to grow at exponential rates, developers are continuously working to find new ways to monetize their apps so that they can make a living like normal people. Headcasegames.com announced this morning via a press release a unique monetization idea that we found interesting.  Today they are releasing “180”, a popular game on the iOS platform now rebuilt from the ground up for Android.  There are two versions being released, the “Ultra” version, that costs $1.99, and a free version.  The Ultra version has everything unlocked, different methods of gameplay, characters and options.  The free version has all of the same content as the Ultra version, but a user has to unlock that content.

Unlocking the content is simple. You don’t have to pay a dime, you simply have to play the free version, which is monetized by ads, for 10 hours.  After the 10th hour, the content is unlocked and you know in essence have the ultra version in your possession.  Whether or not “180” is a good app or not, it is certainly a unique way to bring revenue in, and a fair way in our opinion.

You can get the game in the Android Market, using our handy block after the break.  Also check out the full press release after the break as well.[app]com.leff.i180free[/app]


HeadcaseGames.com releases 180 for Android

Established independent studio’s first foray into the Android market.
Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2011 – Headcase Games is pleased to announce the release of 180 and 180 Ultra, now available for download in the Android Market and at whatis180.com.

180 is an addictive match-3 action puzzle game owing its lineage to classic titles such as Tetris Attack and Bust-a-Move, with a unique flipping mechanic giving the player unparalleled control in the genre. Following a very successful campaign on iOS (hundreds of thousands of downloads), Headcase Games has completely rebuilt the app from the ground up, with a brand-new codebase, fully new higher-resolution assets and a more polished presentation. New gameplay modes are available, and more elaborate updates are soon to follow.

A never-before-seen monetization technique will be utilized, in which two versions of the game will be distributed. 180 Ultra for Android (USD $1.99) contains 4 different game modes and 4 selectable characters and themes, available to play upon download.  Ultra will release alongside the standard version of 180 for Android (Free) which contains all of the same content, yet some of it must be unlocked by progressing through the game.  Although this free-to-download version is monetized by in-game advertising, all ads will be permanently disabled once the game is fully unlocked (achieved by simply playing the game over the course of 10 cumulative hours).

Additionally, Headcase Games will be holding several promotional campaigns via its Twitter and Facebook networks to promote the app.

For more information please refer to the website whatis180.com

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