Here We Go Again – Dell Android Rumors Resurface

This Groundhog Day-like rumor just won’t go away.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Dell has worked up a prototype handset running Android.  Well, one of two prototypes.  The other one is a Windows Mobile version.  No real surprise here as the Axim line used to run WinMo back in the day.

Dell is focusing on so-called smartphones, higher-end devices that include features like Web browsing and email. One model includes a touchscreen but no physical keyboard, like Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Another is a slider-style phone with a keypad and that slides from beneath the screen, one person familiar with the devices said.

At least now we have physical descriptions of the device(s) unlike before.  Just a hunch, but the touchscreen model sounds more Android to us.

Dell hasn’t finalized its plans and may still abandon the effort, which would pit it against such powerhouses as Apple and Research In Motion Ltd. A Dell spokesman said the company hasn’t disclosed plans to offer phones, adding: “We haven’t committed to anything.”

In other words, don’t be surprised if you are reading the exact same stuff a year from now.  As long as we don’t end up with an Alienware phone, we should be alright.

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  1. In the WSJ article, there’s no reference to the number of prototypes.
    “(…) They produced prototypes built on Google’s (…)”

    Let’s hope the numbers will be 23 Android smartphones and 1 WinMo ;-)

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