ATT Nexus 6

I recently wrote a post on my AT&T Nexus 6 getting Android Lollipop 5.1.  There was some confusion on my part on how to exactly get it right, but after experimenting and having others users confirm this method I can now give clear instructions on how to get the latest update, and let me tell you, the update is worth getting if you are tired of your phone rebooting, having poor battery life, or experiencing other random bugs.

1.  Backup your phone – go to “settings” and then go to “backup & reset.”  This will allow you to reset your phone to the exact way it was before the restore.  Select an account to backup your phone, and then click to back it up.

2.  Take out your Sim card.  You can do this with a Sim ejector tool or something small like a bent paperclip.  if you leave your Sim card in you will not be prompted to get the update.  You MUST remove it.

3.  Restore your phone – go to “settings” and then go to “backup & reset” and hit “factory reset data.”

4. When you are restoring your phone, you can restore from the latest backup.  Once you do these steps you will be prompted to update your phone to Android 5.1.  This update is not due out until June, so if you are tired of the bugs, I highly suggest you get this update.

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  1. Is this only for branded att nexus 6 or will it work for a google play nexus 6 using an att Sim as well?

      • Well I haven’t got it yet sooo? Android police made that claim about updates being withheld based on att Sims regardless of where you got the device so wasn’t sure if that’s the boat I’m in

    • I don’t know if whatsapp will be backed up, but you put the sim back in after you are prompted to update to 5.1

  2. I just did this and it worked. Now let’s see how stable it is. I was one if those plagued with restarts. Att gave me a warranty phone and it still restarted. I’m hoping this is the fix I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the tip.

  3. Worked great for me on AT&T, I had to do it twice because half way through the 5.1 download I inserted the SIM and it canceled the download as said the system was up to date. Needless to day I had to start over.

    The only downside was that the phone was fairly new and it had not backed up anything to the Google severs so I basically had to start from scratch. Oh well, not a huge issue. Thanks for the post!

  4. Where did you get the June release date for AT&T at? I have yet to see a hard release date from AT&T on anything higher than 5.0.1…

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