A Hint of Things to Come for Google Voice VoIP?

There is an interesting article over at the Disruptive Telephony site, talking about how the author has gotten his Google Voice number to work entirely over IP, using something called a “SIP” address to initiate the voice session.  In an unofficial way, the author of the article is saying that VoIP calling is already possible with Google Voice.  (although his method has not worked for everyone who has tried)   Here is a quote from the article:

For some of us who have had Google Voice numbers for quite some time (mine dates back to the pre-Google-acquisition GrandCentral days), it’s always been a bit frustrating that the only way to call a GV number was through the good old PSTN. Particularly because the PSTN is so… well… limiting. When I’ve been building apps in Tropo or Voxeo’s Evolution platform, I’ve wanted to route them to my GV number… and I have to do this via the PSTN side. No big deal on one level, but it’s just inefficient. If the call is already all on the IP side, why not just keep it all IP!

It seems the author is knowledgeable about IP communications, and has used a client called Yate to use the Google Voice service in an IP state.  Make sure to read the article through a couple of times to understand the route the author is taking, and also please note that some people have had trouble with it.  Either way, it is a good sign that VoIP calling could be in our future with Google Voice, something that we have been hoping for, especially on our Android handsets.  I can picture the cow the carriers would have if it comes to fruition!


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