As hard as it may be to believe, it’s that time of year again where we look for deals on all sorts of wonderful gifts. Not because we’re shopping for our friends or family, mind you, but we’re looking for promotions to take advantage of for ourselves. In all seriousness, this is the time of year where it’s fun to shop for electronics in mobile gadgets.

While we gather up some of the best Black Friday deals as they relate to Android, we are also putting together a gift guide. What you will find below is a list of some of our favorite gadgets and gizmos from brands and services we love and respect. In almost every case, we have spent time with at least one of the brand’s products and have a review that you can read up.


We’ve sorted this into a number of categories and think you’ll find something that fits your budget!

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[tab title =”Cables & Cases”]


titanTitan M MicroUSB Cable – $19.95

Toss your frayed, tangled phone charger in the garbage; it’s time for an upgrade. The Titan is wrapped twice in industrial-grade, flexible steel and packs permanently-sealed USB and micro USB connectors that won’t be falling apart in this century, or the next. With a quality micro USB connector, the Titan is tough on all types of outside elements from electricity spikes to happy puppies looking for a chew toy.


Andru USB Charger – $14.99

Portable chargers don’t have to be boring eyesores—spice up your charging routine with Andru, the fun-size, pose-able Android mascot. Simply plug Andru into the wall, connect your USB charger, and power up any device needing a boost. Andru is specially made for Android devices, but is willing and ready to charge any USB-capable device!

Tylt Vu wireless charging car mount – $80

Tylt has done it again with the Vu wireless car charging mount. The sturdy design of the Vu-line has carried over and the mount’s smartphone fit is impeccable. The charger’s large size may be a concern, and the price tag is a bit much. But if you can manage, you won’t be disappointed.

RAWtronics 7-Port USB Hub – $29

Eliminate the need to swap out USB devices with this super lightweight, travel-size hub. Easily plug in your printer, phone, tablet, external hard drive, pen drive, and whatever other gadgets your busy life requires to get reliable high-speed connectivity in one place.

Tego 3-in-1 MFi-Certified Cable – $20.99

Do you always have your smartphone, e-reader, and trusty iPod on hand? Now you can easily power them all with one simple cord. The Tego includes USB to micro USB, Lighting, and 30-pin adapters; i.e. you’ll have a hard time finding a device from the past 5 years this handy cable won’t charge.


woodbackWood protective case from Cover Up – $30

Offering all-round protection, the slim-fitting case simply snaps on to your Android smartphone guarding against knocks and bumps whilst maintaining a lightweight feel and allowing the real wood to take centre stage. Clever cut-outs mean that you don’t lose out on any of your phone’s functionality. Multiple designs and models available.


Wavelength Series protective case from Caseology – $16

Add a two-toned case to your Android phone that’s equal parts style and protection. Easy to put on, it stays puts and keeps your buttons responsive. The raised lip ensures your camera is not sitting flat against the table and picking up silly scuffs or scratches. Choose from a variety of models from LG, Samsung, Motorola, and more.
[tab title =”Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones”]
lyrixLyrix Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker – $35.95

If you love colorful lights, water shows, and blasting tunes—all your dreams are about to come true. This epic dancing speaker is basically your personal Bellagio fountain show, and it won’t cost you a flight to Vegas. With rhythmic colorful lights and bouncing water, you can enjoy quality entertainment and your favorite tunes with the crystal clear sound they deserve.

boomUE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker – $149.99

The BOOM shows up in a big way—packing incredibly powerful sound quality and a flawless design that blows away the competition. There’s no wonder BOOM constantly tops the list of great Bluetooth speakers: it’s amazingly loud inside and out, lasts for 15 hours on each charge, and still fits easily in your bag. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of top-notch wireless audio this holiday season.

VoltNow RiverFi Portable Battery & Bluetooth Speaker – $29.99

You need your music, and you need it now. RiverFi offers extreme portability and relentless power potential so you can have your music on-the-go, and charge your phone too. It’s perfect for parties, long trips, anywhere you go where you crave audio and get low on juice. The sound quality is stellar and there’s enough power to fully charge your phone twice.


Fugoo Tough XL – $300

The Fugoo XL scored a rare 5/5 stars in our accessory review. Not only does it have top level sound reproduction, but it also has 35-hour battery life, with protection to keep it safe from the elements. It has an IP67 rating which makes it dustproof and water resistant making it one of the best all around portable Bluetooth speakers you can get today.

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds – $80

Exercise and fitness fans should not be tethered to cables anymore. With advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology, music sounds better than ever and can go further distances away from your smartphone. Bring the Jabra Sport Pace wireless earbuds along for your next workout and control your volume, tracks and phone calls with the inline remote control and mic.



Soul Transform On-Ear Headphones – $100

Music should sound fun and pump you up when you work out. The Soul Transform headphones do just that with heart pounding bass and deep clarity. Designed for athletes, the Soul Transform headphones come with washable ear pads and a headband that keeps them locked to your head.

[tab title =”Power Banks and Chargers”]

EasyAcc Classic 3350 mAh power bank – $10

Sometimes all you need is one charge to get you through a full day. With fewer smartphones than ever with replaceable batteries, like this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5, portable power banks are needed more than ever. The EasyAcc Classic power bank has just enough power to give you one full charge for your smartphone at 3350mAh.

QiStone+ QiStone+ universal wireless charger – $55

Smartphones are adopting Qi Wireless charging and just because you have a portable power bank doesn’t mean you should have to bring a charging cable along with you. The Qi Stone portable power bank can not only charge your Qi enabled smartphone, but it can also charge via Qi as well.

cheero Ingress Power Cube – $51

You won’t come across many portable power banks that look like the cheero Ingress Power Cube. Officially licensed by Ingress, the cheero Ingress Power Cube will help keep you charged up when you’re out looking for capturing energy sources.

CHOETECH 15600 mAh 2-Port Quick Charge USB Portable Charger – $35

The CHOETECH 15600mAh power bank is built with two Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 ports which takes advantage of speedy charging. It can power your phone back to full in a fraction of time compared to the competition.


Braven BRV-BANK – $100

Not all batteries are created equal. The Braven BRV-Bank is designed for the active lifestyle. The BRAVEN BRV-BANK is smart, ultra-rugged and revolutionizes power on-the-go as the world’s first Bluetooth®-enabled, USB-controlled power bank. Used with the free BRV-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App, you have complete wireless control of your BRV-BANK and Braven’s distinct Bear and S.O.S. safety features. At 6000mAh this power bank can charge most smartphones two full times, is protected by the elements with superior build quality.

Coocheer 15W Solar Panel Charger -$45

Going to be off the grid for a while? Or do you just want to harness the sun’s energy and save some electricity? The Coocheer 15W solar panel is just for you as it has everything you need to charge up your tablet, smartphone or other USB powered devices. All you have to do is plug your device into the charger, unfold the panels and soak up the sun rays.

Solove Titan 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank – $44.99

Not only is the Solove Titan a massive 20000mAh battery, which is enough to recharge your smartphone at least six times, but it is also gorgeous and meticulously designed. It encased in a unibody metal frame which looks stunning and matches the devices you use on a regular basis
[tab title =”Services & Training”]

proXPN VPN: Premium Lifetime Subscription – $39

Surf the web with ultimate peace of mind – both at home and on the road – over proXPN’s fully-encrypted, lightning-fast servers. Your lifetime premium subscription gets you unlimited bandwidth on their ultra-private global server network and complete online anonymity—it even unblocks geo-locked content so you can browse freely around the world.

Getflix: Lifetime Subscription – $39

Watching Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services can unfortunately be difficult while traveling outside the US. Rather than bypass these restrictions with the help of a complex and slow VPN, choose a faster and simpler solution with Getflix.

Tiger VPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription – $29

TigerVPN protects you from cyber crimes, and guarantees that your Internet activity stays anonymous. How? Connect to TigerVPN Lite’s 15 servers worldwide to get fast, private access—free from location restrictions. Yes, that means you can have your Netflix and watch it too no matter what country you’re visiting.

The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle – $59.99

Composed of over 74 hours of training and 8 extensive courses, this is everything you’ll need to cut your teeth in the world of developing. You’ll learn the ins and outs of crafting applications, building websites and getting involved in an industry where the pay is pretty darn good. You’ll have expert guidance and access to quality instructors whose goal is to help you become the best coder you can be.

The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit – $115

This bundle includes not only a few classes to get your feet wet, but you also receive the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B AND a starter kit that includes to goodies. The Quick Starter Kit includes a Wi-Fi USB Adapter, Power Adapter, USB Cable, and a Raspbian OS SD Card with Minecraft preloaded.


[tab title =”Other”]
Lytro Illum Camera – $599

The Lytro Illum dares to be different, boasting even more robust features than its 1st Gen predecessor and a sleek design reminiscent of professional DSLRs. How? Most cameras capture the position of light rays, producing your average static 2D image. But the Illum’s cutting-edge technology records the direction of these rays, generating images you can later refocus, change perspective within, or view in 3D. You can essentially revisit the scene of the photo—meaning you’ll never miss snapping the perfect shot again.


FLOOME Smartphone Breathalyzer – $99

The Floome breathalyzer will not only help you stay away from fines, but more importantly it will help prevent crashes and save lives. Drunk driving is all too common in this world and many of you probably know someone who has been affected by a drunk driver in some way. If you haven’t, consider yourself fortunate and don’t become a statistic.

iClever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard – $30

Overall, this is a great Bluetooth keyboard. It’s compact and relatively easy to type on. It has a great build quality to it and the battery life leaves nothing to be desired. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth keyboard, you could do a lot worse and spend a lot more.

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus pack – $54

Why not enjoy your music while you ride? The WAE Outdoor 04Plus pack is specifically designed for riders. It comes with a super-tough bike mount designed to withstand intense vibrations and a backpack attachment clip specially created for extreme use. IP66-certified: protected against powerful water jets, and totally protected against dust, sand and mud.

Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier – $150

Twenty is a digital amplifier for your speakers that receives Bluetooth or optical audio streaming from your phone, tablet or computer. Twenty’s minimalist design looks good on any surface – next to the stereo, between your speakers, on your desk or entertainment console. The aluminum volume knob is weighted for smooth and accurate volume adjustment. It’s perfect for those old speakers sitting in your closet or for new speakers for those who demand great sound.


TYLT ENERGI+ Power backpack – $100

If you’re in the market for a backpack and travel a lot or you find yourself needing to charge your mobile devices fairly often, this is the backpack for you. The TYLT ENERGI+ Power backpack has built-in padding to protect your devices with a power pack to charge your devices while you’re on the go.

Booq Taipan Shock – $95

Booq has another fantastic offering with the Talipan Shock. It’s easier to carry than a shoulder bag as it offers two straps instead of one and can also carry laptops up to 16” in size. With a multitude of pockets, this backpack is built to handle all of your needs. A huge main volume with document storage and multiple interior accessory pockets makes the Taipan shock extremely functional. Printed debossed lining makes this bag look as cool on the inside as its exterior does.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Perhaps the best gaming experience we’ve seen from Android-powered devices, we’re head over heels in love with the console. Graphics are fantastic, the controller feels just right in hand, and game selection grows daily. Oh, and did we mention this guy pulls double duty for video streaming apps and services? As the platform gets better, the console gets more awesome. Buy one right now and get a free remote worth $50, too!

SONOS – $100+

The first name in Wi-Fi connected home audio, we’ve been using Sonos in the office for years. Thanks to the ever growing list of service providers added to the service, there is always something to listen to. Not only are these ultra-convenient and smart, but they sound amazing, too. Choose from a variety of speakers to suit your needs and budget; prices start at $200.

SKEYE Nano Drone: Matte-Black Limited Edition – $39.99

You don’t need years of drone-piloting experience to have a ridiculously fun time with SKEYE Nano. This smooth black quadcopter automatically calibrates each time it hits the sky, so you’re promised an enjoyable ride whether you choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced mode. Use the remote to hover and move through even the smallest of spaces, thanks to SKEYE Nano’s small and nimble design.


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