HomePipe Now Streams iTunes Music to Your Android Device

HomePipe Networks, a company which lets users access their home computer while on the go, is announcing today that the latest version of their Android app will allow streaming of iTunes music to Android devices. For those keeping score at home, this is an industry first. 

Using either 3G or WiFi, it’s possible to stream your music collection directly to that Droid Incredible you picked up earlier today!  With no signs of DRM or shenanigans, the content resides on the computer and is not affected or modified in any way.  The days of copying your favorite tunes to a microSD card or uploading them to a cloud are over as HomePipe’s free app and service handle it all for you.

Aside from the iTunes streaming, the HomePipe Service also supports access to videos, photos, and documents.  Have a folder full of Memorial Day pictures you want to show off at work?  Access them with HomePipe.  For more information on how HomePipe works, head to their website.

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