Kids start asking for a personal tablet or a smartphone before they enter their teen years. As they start making plans about how they are going to use their cool gadget, parents worry about the different online risks they have thus far been avoiding. A personal device means the kids would be able to use them the way they want; they often expect the parents to respect their privacy as well.

Kids are entitled to a degree of privacy and freedom, but they also need to mature, too. The online world, for various reasons, can hold dangers that kids don’t always understand. Parents’ concerns are real and they should be worried about teens exchanging sexual photos, talking to complete strangers online, or becoming a target of cyber-bullying. Worse, parents might fear their child being the one bullying others or ruining their health after repeated all night gaming and extreme device use.

So what should parents do? They can prolong the inevitable of giving them smart devices but they cannot completely ignore it. Neither is it advised to. Kids are growing up in a smart age and they need to be acquainted with it. Keeping that in mind it is advised to let the kids use such devices but actively make the experience safe for them.

How do you make it safe?

You can make smartphones safe for them by using a protective measure like an Android parental control app. Before handing them their personal gadget, sit with them and have a talk. Tell them the dangers and tell them your plan about dealing with the dangers. If you tell them why and how, they are more likely to cooperate with you or understand when the various scenarios present themselves.


FamilyTime figures to be a solid parental control app for Android devices. It doesn’t work like traditional spyware apps and technology and doesn’t hide itself from children. On top of that, it provides multiple parenting facilities under a single roof. Check the details:

  • Screen time limits
  • Mobile apps management
  • Text message and Contacts monitoring
  • Contacts mirroring and Watchlist contact alert
  • Web history monitoring
  • Location history
  • Location reporting through Geofencing
  • SOS and pick-me-up alert

Blocked app alerts

With these features, you can easily keep an eye on your kids’ cell phone and online activities and restrict extreme behavior with the app blocker and screen time limits. It keeps you updated with your kids’ whereabouts and plans and you can also catch sexting, suspicious contacts, or other risky activities before they get out of hand.

Smart technology is good for kids just so long as we expose them to the benefits and educate them on how to avoid the perils. Know the troubles, talk about them with your kids, and use an Android parental control app for added protection. It will not only make the whole experience safe for them but also give them a digital role model to follow that will cause them to have a responsible attitude throughout their lives.

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