We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that most of you readers already own at least one Android device.  Be it a smartphone, tablet, or both, we’re willing to bet that you’ve got something in your pocket or on the desk, right now.  Chances are that some of you are reading this on said Android product.  We’re also going to wager that most of you are a teenager or older.

We got to wondering today, just how young is too young to give someone an Android phone?  We took to Twitter and Facebook to see what you thought about smartphones and the wee ones and here’s a collection of some of your thoughts so far.


I don’t think its so much a matter of age as it is a matter of attitude and maturity and taking the time out to spend with them about proper use of it and the various apps. – Darren C.

I personally don’t think children should have cell phones at all until 13 and then ONLY basic phones for emergencies. But that’s just me… – Dakota S.C.

My lil girl is 11 and has my old EVO. She has great grades and is very well behaved. Also, very responsible. – James E.

My son, 4, has my old Droid. He uses it maybe 3-4 hours max a week and has a bunch of educational games on it along with Angry Birds and a few puzzle games. There is no cell service for the phone and I have all but his apps locked down along with wifi so he can only access the content he is supposed to. So basically he uses it like a mini tablet. – Christopher King

I got a phone in 8th grade and that is only because my brother and sister got one for High School. We had to pay for it ourselves, as it should be. It taught me responsibility. – Kyle Alan Stanton

When they can pay for it themselves! – vwauditech

It all comes down to responsible handling and show of care. My 3yr old treats my Nexus with respect and gentleness. – GadgetLifeTN

Now it’s your turn!

We’d love for you to weigh in on the discussion: How young is too young in your eyes?  Is there a clear answer?  Hardly.  However, as some of you move into a new handset this year, will you be giving your old one to your child or kid down the street?

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  1. Be carefull giving any phone to the really you (eg. 4 yrs.) as emergency services can still be dialed even without cell service – I think it is built into either the launcher or the dialer programs.

  2. I don’t think there is any age too young to have a phone as long as it’s cheap and easily replaceable. An Android phone on the other hand might have to wait until a responsible age. Data bills and replacement phones can get expensive!

  3. My daughter is ten now and on her 4th phone a Droid Razr. She just upgraded from a palm pixi but she had a phone in kindergarten. I had Verizon’s tracking service so I could always see where was. When she started school I was worried-crazy people out there. Her first phone when she was five was one of the kid phones that can only call and receive calls from whoever we put in her contact list. She was responsible with it so we upgraded to smart phones. Now she is better at figuring out technology than most of the average adults out there. She also has a kindle fire. As long as u teach kids to be responsible with the technology I don’t think any age is too young. She has her Razr setup her own way with widgets apps etc and we use her Google calendar for her homework assignments. She has educational apps that help her out tremendously in school. I think technology can empower our youth in ways that were unheard of when I was in school.

    • Forgot to mention with the Razr it has smart actions built in. I setup her phone to send my wife and I a text message when she gets to school (she rides the bus) and also when she gets home. I sound paranoid at this point but at least we have peace of mind.

  4. 42 is too young for an Android. I’m 41 and I’m like a kid with mine. My wife is constantly telling me to put it down. Then she tells me to quit changing ROMs on her phone.

  5. My 3 year old sister plays with and knows her way around my galaxy nexus. I recently gave her my nexus one. She mostly plays fruit ninja and draws with an app called kids doodle.

    She takes really good care of my nexus and even gives it to me when it rings. I think a low end android would be fine for her.

  6. My 8 yr old has had a phone for the past year , he does chores around the house to pay for the $5 a month add on line it cost me !!!!!

  7. An Android phone really requires a Google account to work right.  Depending on where you live, you have to be 13 to 16 years old to have a Google account.

  8. I’m 16 and I have a Galaxy Nexus. Bought it myself, and I pay for my data plan myself. I even bought my dad a Nexus on launch day too.

  9. Are my kids spoiled? Little girl is 7 and boy is 11, both have a galaxy 7″… We call them their screens… I probably need to have better control of their app activity? My wife has the same thing,and have a Xoom… Love Android…

  10. My son is only 18 months and he loves playing with my Galaxy Tab 7. To be safe, I won’t say the name of the app, but it a kid centric app with lots of videos, games and other fun stuff that keeps him busy. It has a feature that keeps him in this mode so he can’t make phone calls or access the internet beyond what’s included with the app. The only problem is, that the child lock feature doesn’t include the power button. And with my modded Tab, I have an extended power menu. So occasionally, he’ll put it in airplane mode and none of the videos will work. Then, and only then, will he get frustrated and throw it. :) But I just bought a Galaxy S II and after I get everything setup on it, and locking down some additional items on my Tab, I’m giving it to him.

    I really think its all about what children are doing with it that it important. If all he does is keep playing that same alphabet video, thought it may annoy me, he’s going to learn the alphabet. And the content will change as he ages. So I don’t see any reason, with the right precautions and controls, he couldn’t use it until it dies.


  11. My oldest daughter was playing with Android phones before she was one years old. I gave her my old myTouch 3G when I upgraded. She played with it off and on but really liked playing with my current phone. Once she really lost interest and started playing with my Honeycomb tablet I decided to sell her myTouch and got her a Kindle Fire for her third birthday. I’m raising my daughters to be tech savvy.

  12.  I think at least 13 years old, even I am odler than the 13-year-old. It is not a good choice to provide a smartphone to a young little boy or girl.

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