HTC’s Android Dream

Most HTC and Android followers know the name “Dream” quite well. The device will be HTC’s first device based on Google’s Android OS and may very well be the first Android powered device to make it to market. But what is HTC’s dream for Android? For years, HTC has been the number one producer of Windows Mobile devices in the world, making them a very close partner with the big boys over at Microsoft. I can’t imagine that HTC would be willing to jeopardize their relationship with them and move the majority of their products over to the Android platform. I think HTC has something else in mind.

The HTC Dream will be much different than the other devices it has pushed off the production line lately. The Touch Diamond is small, sleek, runs HTC’s new TouchFlo 3D and fits quite nicely in your pocket, but the Dream is rumored to be five inches long by 3 inches wide with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The only pockets you’ll be able to fit the Dream into are those huge ones on your cargo pants. But that shouldn’t be a problem. The Dream could be a stepping stone to something else.

We recently saw quite a few reports pop up over the web that HTC is considering getting into the MID market. With their experience with the mobile phone and UMPC market, I could see HTC using Android to with first MID. This isn’t to say that HTC’s will not produce smaller Android based smartphones, but I think HTC may realize the limitations that the Windows platform has.

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  1. Sorry man. You’re wrong

    1) HTC’s MID report was widely misinterpreted. Reading their report on Times about the MID subject, HTC responded to a question saying “Will HTC release MIDs?”, by saying “HTC is always known for its innoviation and venture into different markets…etc”

    And ever since this diplomatic answer, the cyberspace has been swarming with 100% confirmed news that HTC is prepping an MID based on this flimsy response to a stupid question.

    2) The Dream will not be an MID. 3″ X 5″ is half an inch taller than the iPhone. The phone has already been demoed at the I/O as well.

    I’m surprised to read this article on a site called “android guys” where ppl writing should presumingly know everything there is to know about future Android phones, and the authenticity of reports surrounding it.

  2. I took this article as saying HTC might be looking to expand beyond what they currently offer with WinMo. HTC may not make a specific MID, but with devices like the Advantage/Athena, they are getting into bigger screens and more robust offerings. That Advantage will not fit into my pocket. I tried.

    HTC’s dream may be to get into a wider, or more diverse market. Dream in this case, was interpreted to be ‘end game” or “goal”.

    Nick wasn’t saying anything about the Dream handset being a MID. As far as the Google I/O phone goes, that could be construed as “100% unconfirmed news as well.” That’s not been confirmed anywhere.

    To be honest, I’m glad to see you holding us accountable. Keep it up. Show our new guys how picky you can be!

  3. Maybe I should have chosen my words a little better since i never intended to imply that the HTC Dream would be a MID. I was trying to convey that Android would be a perfect platform for HTC to use if/when they decide to throw together a MID.

    Keep in mind, MID simply means Mobile Internet Device. Nokia technically invented the category with the Nokia N800 and the N810 which measures in at 128x72x14 mm, just shy of 5″ x 3″.

  4. Does anybody else think that red touchscreen phone shown during Jason Chen’s intro to Android video during the I/O conference is the Dream? It also shows up when you Google Image search Android. It kind of looks like the TyTN II.

  5. Stew, that’s the Android emulator. It comes with the SDK you can download at

  6. Does anyone else think 3” x 5” is a ridiculous size for a smartphone? @TareX, 3” x 5” is not just half an inch taller than the iPhone, it’s 0.6 inches wider too. The BlackBerry Curve is also only 2.4 inches wide. That’s pretty darn wide… We’re talking 25% wider than the iPhone or BlackBerry?

    ::shrug:: I’m thinking someone just threw out “3 by 5 inches” as a rough guesstimate some number of months ago, and then every blog and website out there kept repeating it and repeating it and now it’s accepted as fact. But just take a 3 x 5 index card and pretend it’s a phone… try to cram it in your pocket. It’s huge.

    And the prototypes that have been used by Andy Rubin, Steve Horowitz to demo look very comparable to the iPhone’s size. The one shown at Google I/O definitely does not look 3 inches wide. I for one am hoping HTC does not put out a clunker at 3” x 5”.

  7. Lately, I’ve found all the secrecy and delay regarding Android and HTC’s Dream-phone to be, if nothing more, severely disheartening. The reason is that service providers will always be profit-margin obsessed douche-bags and any piece of hardware touching their networks is bound to be junk, regardless of how awesome the OS on it is. Regardless, Android should be infinitely better than its competition. Still, this latest piece of news, combined with the rumors of delays, can only mean one thing:

    Service providers are monkeying with Android, to the point of rolling release dates back. That’s bad news.

    Apparently, the entire reason Android-equipped phones have not been released into the wild is cell phone companies are having difficulties “adapting the software” to their networks. Since Android, by default, has been tested for security and has had been made capable of functioning on all networks, we can only assume that the reason for the delay is related to something that would be less than flattering to admit, such as that service providers are trying to control what you can or cannot install on their handsets. That, to our chagrin, should make Android not much better than what we’ve already got on the market. Even so, it would still be better than the crap we’ve already got.

    I don’t think too many service providers are fully aware of the advantages that Android offers, other than that it’s cheaper (as in free) than Windows Mobile. They seem to want to continue with their business-as-usual approach, with their Instrincts and TyTN IIs, rather than adopting an effective business model. The majority of service providers seem to be mainly concerned in pumping out half-cooked consumer junk, such as the previously mentioned iClones, which represents little more than the technological equivalent of a desperate, and cliched, Hail-Mary pass to the end-zone. What they fail to see is what could be successful, rather than what already is.

  8. Sorry guys I guess I misinterpreted what Nick meant. Reading it again, I guess I got a better picture.
    Anyway here is the original infamous DigiTimes link regarding HTC’s “UMPC and MID plans”:

    When asked about future UMPC/MID plans, Chou responded:
    “The focus of HTC’s development will continue to strengthen users’ Internet experience through mobile devices.”

    The HTC Dream will be a smartphone geared for Internet browsing. Not a umpc, not an MID. 3″X5″ isn’t as gigantic as you guys think….

  9. K. Yams, great comment.

    I am sick of the anti-competitive marketplace also. The good news is that Apple doesn’t have the best track record of keeping up with competition. They continue to go the wrong way by locking down a product and screwing consumers with backroom handshakes. The clock is ticking. It’s about time for these monopolistic methods and forced contracting to get steamrolled by good ole ingenuity and open competition. Looking forward to it.

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