HTC addresses Wi-Fi bug affecting a number of handsets

HTC is in the process of updating a number of their Android-based handsets found to have a Wi-Fi security vulnerability.  According to HTC, many of the devices that were affected have already been fixed, however additional models may require a bit of manual work.  The Wi-Fi bug was said to potentially allow an app with “ACCESS_WIFI_STATE” permissions to access Wi-Fi passwords for any network that the device is connected to.

The issue was initially discovered in September by security researchers Chris Hessing and Bret Jordan who worked with HTC to develop a patch.  Chances are good that your handset, if affected, was already fixed over the last four month.  For those who want or need to update their HTC Android smartphone, you are advised to check out HTC’s help center.

It’s also worth pointing out that Google has done a scan of every application in the Android Market and found that there are no apps currently exploiting this vulnerability.

HTC has developed a fix for a small WiFi issue affecting some HTC phones. Most phones have received this fix already through regular updates and upgrades.However, some phones will need to have the fix manually loaded. Please check back next week for more information about this fix and a manual download if you need to update your phone. – HTC