HTC bringing LogMeIn Rescue remote service to future phones

We’ve noticed that HTC is trying their best to bring an amazing experience to their customers as of late. The HTC One X was the king of the show at MWC, and it’s one of the most anticipated devices of 2012. HTC is already in partnership with BeatsAudio, bringing the best music experience to their Android phones. On the other hand, they also made a deal with DropBox, that guaranteed anyone who buys a HTC One series smartphone will also get a 25GB free storage for 2 years.

Now HTC has partnered with the famous remote access company LogMeIn, and they will be bringing remote support to some HTC Android phones. LogMeIn Rescue remote support will be available in all future HTC devices, and it will allow users to connect their device to HTC customer care staff, which we thought was pretty impressive. And once the device is remotely connected, an HTC representative will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Obviously this service will use quite a bit of data, so a 4G or WiFi connection is probably a good idea. It’s HTC’s aim to offer “the best and most personal customer experience in the mobile industry,” and after this announcement, they seem to be doing very well.

So, now that HTC has gotten friendly with Beats Audio, DropBox, and LogMeIn, do you think the One X will be the superstar of 2012? Drop a comment below!

Source Android Community