Yesterday was a big day for Samsung, as they officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S4, their latest, and arguably most impressive Galaxy device to date.  HTC, for their part, thinks a little bit differently.

HTC recently said that they’ve had enough of this being “quietly brilliant” and now they are going after Apple and Samsung. It seems they are starting with Samsung by targeting the build-quality of the S4.

“With a continuation of a plastic body and a larger screen being the most obvious physical change, Samsung’s new Galaxy pales in comparison to the all-aluminium unibody HTC One. This is more of the same,” it said. “HTC remains the best option for those people looking for the best technology wrapped in premium design. Our customers want something different from the mainstream, who appear to be the target for the Galaxy. Our customers want original cutting-edge technology, mouthwatering design and a premium feel from their mobiles, which is why we created the HTC One.”

HTC is really proud of their new HTC One, which is actually an impressive device with its all-aluminium unibody and attractive design. Do you think HTC is right about the Samsung Galaxy S4? Is HTC One really “better” than the S4? Do customers care about how a device feels more than what it does? Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 do more than the HTC One? Is mainstream really all that bad?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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  1. I prefer the new HTC ONE more than the S4. The new HTC ONE is beautiful and better quality of construction that the S4. My selection … HTC ONE, of course!

  2. I own a Samsung SIII and I am disappointed Samsung didn’t do more to upgrade the S4 to a more premium product. I thought the S3 was a big change from the S2 and that was impressive to me. The S4 looks VERY similar to the S3; with the HTC ONE and the iPhone 5 having that premium feel I thought this time Samsung was going to up the ante in the chassis department. Race cars and motorcycles use exotic materials and I like things like Kevlar on the Motorola phones and Aluminum on the HTC ONE and iPhone.

    On the other hand the S4 has a lot of software features I think I would like: dual camera shooting, screen sharing, touchless operation, etc.

    I guess some of samsung’s new software could probably be handled by third party apps though, right? -sTranslate could be handled by iTranslate for example.
    -sHealth could be handled by CardioTrainer, Runtastic, Endomondo, etc.
    -Chaton could be handled by Tango, Skype, etc.
    -The photo/video enhancements will no doubt be added features to 3rd party apps within 3-4 months
    After all, Samsung came up with sBeam last year and now Bump can do the same thing but with a much greater number of devices.

    At the end of the day we can’t upgrade the hardware on our phones but we can and do upgrade the software. I think Samsung should keep this in mind when designing the S5.

  3. Whatever. I’ll take the lighter, thinner polycarbonate Galaxy that allows me to switch the battery and SD card over some glass or metal unibody construction that doesn’t.

    ‘Premium feel’ is no substitute for convenience and practicality.

  4. I think that HTC ONE is better than S4 too similar to S3. The same iPhone 6 still similar to the iPhone 4S. IPhone 5 for me is a fake!

  5. The HTC One design is nothing more than stunning. The smooth performance is stunning. The software features it has added are ones that I personally would use on a regular basis (not just for the first few minutes of using the device to demonstrate to those around me)
    Furthermore, given that in the 10+ years that I have been using smart phones I have never ONCE needed to carry a spare battery, nor carry in my pocket my full collection of movies, photos, and songs I find that the lack of a replaceable battery and memory expansion slot a complete non-issue.
    The choice has never been as clear to me. There is absolutely nothing in the Samsung 4 offering that appeals to me even the slightest. All the software “features” they showed off in their unveiling were nothing more than gimmicks (in my eyes) that would have little to no use in day-to-day use. The few software features that are useful are readily available through apps on Play Store which I can purchase for 99cents if I want them.
    HTC One is a clear winner in my opinion. As a previous person has already commented…software can be changed…but the last time I checked, Google Play does not offer quality build enhancements and improved camera photography…maybe I just haven’t searched well enough….

    • Well the thing is that users have different needs. While one might not need an SD card slot others might want the option. Personally I got an 64gb card and got it mostly filled with music and audio books.
      Using the “cloud” sounds nice but how many people worldwide have an real unlimited access to the net for their phone?

      Same with the ability to change your battery. Some might want it others not. I had one with me when I used the galaxy S2, as I could not recharge it easily during the day. In a few years the phone might find a new owner and the battery might need to be replaced it is a lot cheaper if you can do it yourself.

      The body design of the HTC is nice my only worry is how it will do when it gravity sinks is claws into it. But I think we will find out soon enough by some creative people posting tests on YouTube

      In the end for me it boils down to: having the option.

  6. I like the HTC better but I’d really like to know what the battery life is like. I had an s3 but returned it because it didn’t last a day.

    • s4 has a 2600 mah battery and a snapdragon 600 or exynos octa (8 cores is definitely stupid since all apps today only benift from 2-4 cores max….) with a 5 inch display..

      htc one has a snapdragon 600 with a 4.7 inch display and a 2330mah battery. calculate yourself..
      however if you want to use the more powerful 120w speakers on the htc one ,they will consume power but its better to have better speakers than to have a tiny speaker….

  7. cost is a big factor, even though the s4 is another piece of plastic shit , htcone is much more expensive

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