HTC Expects to be First to 4G, Again

After delivering the first 4G phone ever, the Sprint EVO 4G, HTC went on to provide T-Mobile‘s first 4G device, the G2.  What’s next for the handset maker?  Well, why not drop the first Verizon 4G handset, too?  Such is the case, or at least that’s what it appears to be. A mini-site/landing page has been spotted online showing an HTC phone obscured by a black cloth.

Visitors to the site are advised to sign up for a pair of text messages by providing name and phone number.  Other than that, the only other hint is that we will find out more come January 6th.  It’s no coincidence that Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg is set to take the stage at CES where he will outline the “vision for Verizon‘s next generation of products and services”.  That’s exactly the venue to debut a phone like the HTC Thunderbolt. Hang on tight kiddos, things are about to get really fast.