HTC One M9 overheating

The rumors/proof of the Snapdragon 810 processor overheating have been around ever since the Qualcomm powered chip was first announced. It has been denied from Qualcomm and even LG. Most recently, the HTC One M9 seems to disregard those claims as it continues to overheat.

The first real overheating issue spotted was right after HTC’s MWC announcement of the One M9 where it overheated during the AnTuTu Benchmark. While it did overheat, there could have been plenty of factors that played into it such as continued charging, excessive use, pre-production device, etc. It definitely didn’t douse the rumors, but it kept them coming.

Today, more information of the chip set overheating within the metal unibody of the HTC One M9 has surfaced. A Dutch site called Tweakers took the HTC One M9 and put it through a battery of tests, including the GFXBench. During the benchmark, the rear of the device heated up to 131 degrees. To give you a perspective, tap water at 140 degrees can give you third-degree burns.

Tweakers didn’t stop there, as the lined of five flagship devices and ran the same benchmark side-by-side to give a perspective to how hot each device actually gets. Among the devices, the Galaxy Note 4 and the HTC One M9’s predecessor were the coolest at 100 degrees and 102 degrees respectively.

While this is definitely still a cause for concern, the conditions are unknown. Like we mentioned earlier, it could be because of the device not being a final product or other outside factors. We won’t know until the masses get their hands on the HTC One M9 later this month.

Does all these overheating issues raise concern for purchasing the HTC One M9? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Didn’t Samsung pass on the snapdragon 810 due to over heating issues. Smart move by Samsung it appears

  2. This is cutting corners. First I missed any mention of the switch to fahrenheit while the image is in Celsius. The remark about third degree burns is not very well founded as well. When following the link it shows that you need constant contact for 5 seconds for that to happen. And this is for a liquid which transfers heat much faster than almost anything else. So it is uncomfortable but it will not burn your hand and you will probably drop it before serieus burns just as pulling back your hand from scalding hot water

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