HTC to release a smartwatch at NYC Event alongside new 2014 HTC One

Most partners who have adopted the Android Wear platform have teased their upcoming products, except HTC who despite being a partner of the platform, are yet to tease anything.

An interesting theory suggests HTC will infact use their upcoming event to showcase the new HTC One device to show off their new HTC smartwatch running Android Wear, consequently beating everyone to market.

HTC have yet to announce or even hint at any plans to release a smartwatch, yet they have been listed as an Android Wear partner. The only reason to hint at an upcoming product is to discourage consumers from purchasing over products released before it, and therefore wait for that offering. So what’s the reason not to hint at an upcoming product?

SmarterWatching suggest that the reasoning is due to the impending release of the HTC smartwatch and a teaser at this point would be relatively pointless given its upcoming reveal at the NYC event.

LG state their smartwatch will hit shelves in the summer, which isn’t too far away, and since HTC have a reputation of being able to turnaround manufacturing time and get a product to market quickly, releasing a smartwatch so shortly after the Android Wear announcement really isn’t a impossible possibility.


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