HTC teases the ‘all new HTC One’ in official video

I remember how everyone was excited that HTC will reveal the successor to HTC One at the Mobile World Congress, but instead they decided to unveil the new flagship on March 25th in New York and London. Why? Probably HTC didn’t want the Samsung Galaxy S5 to steal their thunder, however delaying it is making us even more curious, but that’s not it for HTC as they decided to come up with a teaser. They are calling it the “all-new HTC One”, and in the video below, you will see a guy telling you about BoomSound on HTC One, and then he will take out the ‘all new HTC One’ from his pocket. Want to know more? Check out the video below.

Well, what we know that the successor will feature a better sound quality, but that’s not at all. Anyway, still a month to go, so you better stay tuned.

Do you think the latest HTC flagship will be good enough to take on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

VIA: HTCSource