HTC: “We tried to do too much in 2011”

HTC, in brutally honest with their own Android strategies, has admitted that they went a little too far in 2011.  Instead of a tight focus on a couple of models throughout the year, HTC gave us multiple iterations of the same handset.  Take for instance the three versions in the span of six months.  It’s one thing to push one model across a number of carriers, but it’s another thing to push out various storage capacities and headphone options.

In a recent interview with Mobile Magazine, HTC UK’s Phil Roberson confirmed what had been previously passed around as unconfirmed rumor.  In short, HTC did too much with their mobile (Android) products last year and plans to tighten things up for 2012.  Looking ahead we can expect to see the company return to a smaller number of releases, including scaling back on tablets.  While not bowing out of that race altogether, HTC would rather focus efforts on the smartphone game that they were synonymous with in early Android days.

We have to get back to focusing on what made us great – amazing hardware and a great customer experience. We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much.

So 2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs.

Remember when there were only a handful of “hero” models to choose from in the United States?  We’re talking in the days of Legend, EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, and myTouch 3G.  It’s hard to believe it but there was a time when each carrier only offered one or two HTC models and some of them were downright leading-edge.  Contrast that to today and the incessant string of EVO and myTouch phones.

You Tell Us

Which HTC strategy would you rather see employed for 2012 and beyond?

Scaled back number of releases with focus on high-end or a bunch of choices (SKUs) and options?


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