HTC’s Android Dream

News and Rumors HTC's Android Dream

Most HTC and Android followers know the name “Dream” quite well. The device will be HTC’s first device based on Google’s Android OS and may very well be the first Android powered device to make it to market. But what is HTC’s dream for Android? For years, HTC has been the number one producer of Windows Mobile devices in the world, making them a very close partner with the big boys over at Microsoft. I can’t imagine that HTC would be willing to jeopardize their relationship with them and move the majority of their products over to the Android platform. I think HTC has something else in mind.

The HTC Dream will be much different than the other devices it has pushed off the production line lately. The Touch Diamond is small, sleek, runs HTC’s new TouchFlo 3D and fits quite nicely in your pocket, but the Dream is rumored to be five inches long by 3 inches wide with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The only pockets you’ll be able to fit the Dream into are those huge ones on your cargo pants. But that shouldn’t be a problem. The Dream could be a stepping stone to something else.

We recently saw quite a few reports pop up over the web that HTC is considering getting into the MID market. With their experience with the mobile phone and UMPC market, I could see HTC using Android to with first MID. This isn’t to say that HTC’s will not produce smaller Android based smartphones, but I think HTC may realize the limitations that the Windows platform has.

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