Ice Cream Sandwich for Toshiba Thrive coming this spring

The Toshiba thrive, now available in 7-inch and 10-inch versions is due to receive an update to Android v4.0 by the end of Spring 2012. While no super official word has been released,  Eric Paulsen confirmed via Twitter they are shooting for an update by June. I say June, because that’s when Spring officially ends and summer begins.

I’m not sure what the hold up is, Toshiba doesn’t have a ton of Android devices to support. As far as i can tell, they only have the Thrive in 2 versions with different screen sizes. So why does it take six or seven months to issue an update? It’s one of my biggest issues with anyone making a high-end Android device.

Words of Wisdom for OEM’s: If you want to play this game, provide your end-users with a product that shows you are invested enough to continue supporting the device after you get paid. Chances are they will keep coming back for the next round of high-end Androids if you do.

Source: ComputerWorld