Google’s Pixels phones have proved to be extremely popular with Android fans. And despite Google having a hard time coping with demand and a variety of issues plaguing the devices, consumers seem to be quite invested in the phones.

Google’s Pixels are by no means perfect, so the search titan has plenty of room for improvement. Now the first rumors related to the Pixel 2 have popped up this week, given us an idea of what to expect later this year.

pixel_xl_silver_googleAccording to the folks of 9to5Google who have spoken with reliable sources, the next-gen Pixels are likely to be waterproof. This is not a definitive feature for the time being, but Google is strongly considering it.

Needless to say we consider waterproofing a necessary feature for a high-end phone like the Pixel. Samsung and Sony have been doing it and LG is probably going to add this feature in 2017 with the LG G6, so Google needs to step up the game as well. Not everyone may care about owning a waterproof device, but the feature removes having to worry about accidents that might void the warranty.

google-pixel-in-whiteGoogle has surprised everyone when it glued a premium price tag to the Pixel. After all the Nexus lineup was known for its affordability. But with the Pixel, Google changed things around quite a bit.

Well the rumors now claim in 2017 Google plans to cater to the budget crowd by releasing the Pixel 2B. The search giant is said to be testing multiple Pixel 2 models with Qualcomm and Intel chips. We’re told that MediaTek was briefly part of the project as well, but it’s no longer involved.

google_pixel_xl_10Obviously the Qualcomm chips will go into the higher-end Pixel 2, while the Pixel 2B is most likely going to get Intel SoC treatment.

The Pixel 2B is expected to be significantly cheaper than its premium brother and aimed at developing markets. The affordable Pixel should be launched alongside or shortly after the Pixel 2.

Speaking of price, the high-end Pixel 2 might come with at least $50 price increase. Today’s Pixel phones start at $650.

google-pixel-1Sources familiar with the matter also reveal Google is looking to improve main camera capabilities on the Pixel. It’s next-gen phones might come with a sensor capable to perform batter in low lighting environments plus other extra features.

Now that we’ve seen what the rumor mill is saying about the Pixel 2, we’re going to throw in some of our own hopes related to Google’s next-gen flagships.

google_pixel_xl_01Google and HTC are having a hard time keeping up with Pixel demand, especially the 128GB Pixel XL model. The phone is currently listed as “Out of Stock” in the Google Store and is back-ordered until March at Verizon.

This year Google needs to be better at anticipating. On top of that, it would be nice to see the Pixel 2 available with other carriers, not just Verizon. Sure carrier-bound Pixels ship out with an unlocked bootloader and bloatware, but these are some of the compromises Google will need to make if it wants to make the Pixels more widely available. Not to mention that not everyone can afford a $649 phone, so financing plans are a good alternative.

google_pixel_xl_03Yes, the Google Play Store also offers the Pixels with interest-free financing options, but some people might want to buy a phone from a carrier for various other reasons. They should be allowed to have that option.

In 2017, edge-to-edge displays are going to become the norm. The LG G6 will have one and the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are expected to feature really anorexic bezels. Design hasn’t been one the Pixel’s strong points, but in 2017 Google (and its manufacturing partner) can make up for it but opting for a different, more appealing design language.

Last but not least, as we already noted in our Google Pixel XL review, it would certainly be nice to see Google implement a microSD card slot in future Pixel models (at least in the lower-end version?).  This way people go from 32GB to 128GB quite easily.

What do you think? What other features would you like to see on the Pixel 2?

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  1. It better be available through most major carriers. But with the supply problems they have had with just Verizon, maybe they can’t. I dunno but a device, in this day and age, cannot live on just one carrier and be hugely successful.

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