In Brief: 8 Android-related things you should know (March 15, 2013)

In Brief is a compilation of notifications, rumors, photos, videos, infographics, and Android-related news tidbits which, for whatever reason, did not end up with a post of its own on AndroidGuys. These are things that we still feel are worth knowing, even if in a passing manner. Consider it a grab-bag of Android goodies. If you have something that you think is worth a mention on AndroidGuys, be sure to reach out to us via our contact page.

This week features a new DIRECTV app, more Tegra-4 news, info on Android Developer Days, some good non-fiction reads, and much, much more!


Let’s start this week off on the business side of things. On Monday, WhatRunsWhere launched a new data gathering tool for Android. The company already has an existing service that enables the tracking of competitors online and mobile ad campaigns and have simply added an in-app capability, in which advertisers can collect data from more than 20,000 Android apps. With an average of 1.3 new devices being activated daily, this could be a huge tool in marketing campaigns. Advertisers and agencies can go to for more info.


Are you a DIRECTV customer? If so, the new DIRECTV for Tablets app is now here for customers with 10-inch Android tablets (7-inch tablets coming soon). It is available for free and can be downloaded at the Google Play store.


Vector Unit has announced another game to be released for the Tegra-4 powered Project SHIELD titled Riptide GP2, the sequel to Vector Unit’s original Riptide GP. Specific enhancements for the upcoming game include full controller support, enhanced water and particle effects, HDR lighting, boosted reflection shaders, and an all-new spectator mode. To keep up to date on all future Project SHIELD news, check out

Sick of everyone talking about how awesome Tegra 4 will be? Well here’s something that may cheer you up. TegraZone released two hot games that showcase Tegra-3’s power this week. Check out Real Boxing and The Conduit on Google Play.



On the more intellectual side of things this week, Android Developer Days reminded us that it is only 3 months away and is looking for participants! If you are a developer interested in speaking with others about ideas and what the future may hold, this may be an event for you! Go to Android Developer Days for more info.

galaxytabPlan on going to any retail or trade shows with your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and need a sleek way to securely display it? (Or maybe you just don’t trust your friends at home.) No matter what the case, newPCgadgets has come out with the new Galaxy Tab Security Base. This stylish acrylic outer shell provides full access to the touch screen, and slots are provided for the power cord, earphones, and on/off switch as expected. It even includes a steel loop in the back for use with a security cable, in case those friends of yours try to run off with your precious tablet. Go to the newPCgadgets site for orders or just to see what’s new!


Audiophiles will be interested in checking out V-MODA‘s latest inventions, the VAMP VERZA and Metallo case. The VERZA transforms your smartphone into a mobile hi-fi system and features integrated 150mW x 2 headphone amplifier, 2 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converters) and a 2200mAh battery pack. VAMP VERZA also  features the VERZADOCK which seamlessly integrates with popular smartphone and tablets.

VAMP VERZA can be used as a standalone Hi-Fi USB Audio amplifier, or docked with the machined METALLO case designed for the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and other future models.


To finish off the week, NARR8 announced on Tuesday that a new non-fiction and interactive novel series will now be available daily. This means that every day a new series such as Fear Hunters, the Secret City will be available for download on smartphones and tablets. Since NARR8’s launch on Android devices in February, the app has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Google Play. That’s pretty darn good for only being around for a month! Go ahead and check it out for yourself. NARR8 is free to download on Google Play.