In Brief: Android stuff worth knowing (Sept 03)

[dropcap1 variation=”red”]T[/dropcap1]he ChargeCard USB-based power source for your Android phone or microUSB accessory recently completed its Kickstarter campaign and is well over goal.  Roughly the thickness of three credit cards, this guy is on its way into production.

[dropcap1 variation=”orange”]D[/dropcap1]on’t have a woman in your life to tell you what to wear?  Give yourself a sense of fashion and learn to dress the part with the free app called The Man’s Closet.  Coordinate for work with the right shirt and tie combination!

[dropcap1 variation=”yellow”]F[/dropcap1]rankie Pain, Earth’s would-be hero wants nothing more than to avenge his bruised and broken ego, suffered at the hands of the invading alien leader Am’Elam. He stars in the upcoming run-and-gun, action platformer by Skillpod Media.


  • One brave, yet slightly selfish Anti-Hero
  • 13 climb, run, duck, shoot and cry levels including 5 Boss Battles!
  • 12 Achievements to chase!
  • 9 creature allies that might just mean getting through that tough level!
  • Animated comic book movie sequences!
  • Full GameCenter integration with Point and Time Completion leaderboards.
  • Best of all, you can finish the game without spending a cent.

[dropcap1 variation=”green”]G[/dropcap1]et the time, weather, and countdowns to your next holiday with the live wallpaper called Weather Clock & Countdown.  Weather conditions include sunny, cloudy, fog, rain, hail, snow, thunderstorm, and more while countdowns feature Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, seasons, and anything else!

[dropcap1 variation=”olive”]Y[/dropcap1]ou know how Android 4.1 Jelly Bean users can swipe up from the bottom of their screen to get Google Now?  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could swipe up and access your own, custom shortcuts or apps? Swipe Launcher lets you do just that – Download this free client and unlock the full potential with in-app purchase.

[dropcap1 variation=”teal”]S[/dropcap1]omeone updated the Google Calendar appointment and you didn’t know?  You probably weren’t using Hojoki.  Get push notifications and discuss your work as it happen across Google Drive & Calendar, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Twitter, Basecamp, and many other productivity apps

[dropcap1 variation=”blue”]Y[/dropcap1] another reason you kids should be allowed to use your Android phone in class.  Tell your teacher that the AndroidGuys said you need Slide Meter for measuring stuff because you left your ruler at home.

[dropcap1 variation=”deepblue”]R[/dropcap1]Relationship getting stale fellas?  Try Love And Romantic Quotes and surprise your lady friend with something that will give her warm and fuzzies.  She’ll brag you up on Facebook.

[dropcap1 variation=”purple”]K[/dropcap1]eep a close eye on your battery stats and figure out what apps are draining your Android quicker than others.  How much impact does that soundboard really have?  Find out with BStats.

Mobi-Lens’ are simple, universal clip-on lenses that will easily fit over any mobile device with a camera!  Regardless of whether or not the camera is on the front or the back of the device, Mobi-Lens can be used on either side without the requirements of magnets, cases or adhering to any specific brand or type…

[dropcap1 variation=”hotpink”]H[/dropcap1]ow would you like to be able to take wide angle photos with your Android smartphone?  What about killer fish-eye effects?  Check out the Mobi-Lens on KickStarter and back the project with $30 or more and you’ll have one for yourself.  With less than two weeks left, this one should get funding!

[dropcap1 variation=”slategrey”]A[/dropcap1]n app called MyShelf aims to provide users with a personal shelf for notes, pictures, links, and text snippets. MyShelf is a powerful database app for many kinds of shelves and works with notes, images, recipes, tasks, to-do lists, and more.  Is it an Evernote competitor worth your money?

[dropcap1 variation=”mauve”]M[/dropcap1]emory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is designed to tackle the difficult yet crucial problem of memory management for all Android devices. Memory Booster reclaims lost memory for your programs by defragmenting your smartphone’s memory and recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.



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