In Brief: Other Android stuff worth knowing (Oct 14)

In Brief is a compilation of notifications, rumors, videos,and other Android-related tidbits which, for whatever reason, did not end up with a post of its own on AndroidGuys.  These are things that we still feel are worth knowing, even if in a passing manner.  Consider it a grab-bag of Android goodies.  If you have something that you think is worth a mention on AndroidGuys, be sure to reach out to us via our contact page. 

[dropcap1 variation=”red”]A[/dropcap1]MA recently announced that they’ve released a Google TV-optimized version of their game, Panic Flight. Details include 10 types of planes with lots of upgrades, 21 missions, and an ‘Infinite Flight’ mode. You’re in charge of the AMA Airlines fleet and you’ve got to fly as far as possible, avoiding tornadoes, UFO’s and other obstacles.

[dropcap1 variation=”red”]W[/dropcap1]ho would in a fist fight between Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?  Put on some gloves and find out first-hand.  Check out Political Arena, which sees you taking on more than one dozen opponent.  Features leaderboards, unlockable achievements, photo albums, social network sharing, and more.

[dropcap1 variation=”orange”]R[/dropcap1]emember the Unreal-engine game from Gameloft called Wild Blood?  It’s out now, it’s awesome, and it’s a whopping 2GB worth of files.  The 3D graphics are amazeballs and the game comes with 20 enemies and bosses spread over 10 levels.  You can go it alone or opt for the Team Deathmatch (4 vs. 4) and Capture the Flag modes.

[dropcap1 variation=”yellow”]P[/dropcap1]opular tech site recently announced a new version of its mobile website as well as an updated iPad app, and new app for Windows 8.   Once rolled out, it will be easier than ever for consumers to view deals, search for items, view product details and reviews, manage account information, track orders, and more!  Look for it to arrive “just before the holiday season”.

[dropcap1 variation=”green”]M[/dropcap1]ark your calendars for February 5-6, 2013, as Apps World is coming back to North America.  Set to take place in San Francisco, it’s a two-day event with developers, mobile carriers, device makers, and a slew of other industry players.  Speakers are already lining up and include members of Gamevil, B&N Nook Developers, Glu Mobile, and Gameloft.

Apps World will be returning to North America in 2013 for two days of engagement and high level insight and discussion around one of the largest growing industries – mobile apps. Apps World North America will be taking place in the technical capital of the world San Francisco on 5th and 6th of February 2013 at the Concourse Exhibition Centre. We’re expecting over 2000 developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals for 4 different targeted workshop tracks, speed meeting, 1-1 meetings, parties, tackling a spectrum of issues across the app ecosystem. The event will include 2 free to attend developer workshop tracks and a free exhibition with over 80 exhibitors.

[dropcap1 variation=”olive”]S[/dropcap1]urely we’re not the only ones who thought of The Phantom Menace when we learned of Gamevil’s latest game, Duel of Fate.  Billed as tactical card combat, you’ll strategically select cards and face off against wizards and witches.  Can you avenge the deaths of loved ones in a game that calls to mind rock-scissors-paper?  Fire elements are defeated by water elements, which are in turn defeated by leaf elements.

[dropcap1 variation=”teal”]S[/dropcap1]print recently started installing caller ID features by Privus Mobile in the ID pack from Handmark.  Features include Caller ID, Voice Announce, Text ID and Reverse Caller Lookup.  Also available as a standalone app in Google Play, it’s a much better experience than the stock stuff that comes with many devices.

[dropcap1 variation=”blue”]H[/dropcap1]ullomail, the guys behind the award-winning visual voicemail app, has introduced Hulloha! Group Call.  In a nutshell, it lets users create mobile groups with up to 20 callers.  Invitations are sent to each participant via a text message, and include a dedicated Hulloha! Group Call number that everyone can use.

[dropcap1 variation=”deepblue”]P[/dropcap1]opular smart notebook app, Springpad, has a handful of brand new features that make staying organized easier than ever before.

  • Re-introduction of the Board View: Springpad introduced this feature in 2010 and is bringing it back, revamped. It enables people to drag and drop content onto a scrapbook-like page for personal usage for planning trips, redecorating or any planning need!
  • Manually Reorder Items: Items in notebooks are now able to be organized in a fashion that makes the most sense to the user, whether that’s by  priority, aesthetic appeal or for the ease of all the collaborators on the notebook.
  • Rich Android Notifications: Springpad is even more efficient now and takes advantage of rich notifications to let users take direct action without launching the application. People can now receive push notifications as notebook collaborators save ideas, content or to-do lists.