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This week features HP’s built-in mobile printing, Battle of the Platforms, a Samsung Galaxy S3 sale, Vonage Mobile Video, Gamelofts Uno & Friends, and much, much more!



HP samsung

Let’s start this off with news from Hewlett-Packard. Last week, HP and Samsung announced they have begun collaborating on a built-in mobile print technology that will enable the new Samsung Galaxy S4 to send a printable file to most HP network printers (compatible with nearly 200 HP printer models) without having to download any apps. Print functionality will be supported with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and will be available later this year as a firmware upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

battle of the platforms

Exercise seems to be the newest trend, so when it comes to technology, who do you think is the fittest of all the platforms available today? Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or maybe Windows users? To find out (for fun purposes only,) Endomondo has initiated a worldwide “Battle of the Platforms Challenge” to answer this question. Endomondo and T3 have joined together to construct a fitness challenge that began on March 1st and will run through March 30th, and will uncover the smartphone OS platform with the fittest, healthiest, most active users on Earth. To join in the fun, competitors need to visit and register at the fitness social network. Then users can download the free Endomondo Sports Tracker app, available on most major mobile operating systems. Next, select the smartphone “team” for which you’ll compete, and finally start burning calories! The winning mobile operating system will be named in April.


Have you been looking for a new phone and plan but just haven’t found ‘the one’ quite yet? On Monday, RadioShack rolled out an amazing deal for new 2-year Sprint activations. Customers can save up to $150 on  the Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as still being able to take advantage of additional savings through RadioShack’s Trade & Save program. This offer ends April 4th, so check out your local store for more details.


Speaking of phones, how about getting rid of that wallet-draining home phone service you still have?  Ooma, a leading provider in HD-quality free home phone service recently introduced the Ooma HD2 Handset and Ooma Linx remote phone jack to compliment their already existing service, the Ooma Telo.  The Ooma handset adds smart phone features to the home phone via the Ooma cloud-enabled platform, which includes a two-inch color screen that allows users to see the picture of a caller when the phone rings. The new Ooma Linx wirelessly connects phones, fax machines or other devices around the home to the Ooma Telo using the latest DECT technology. It also gives users the convenience to install their main phone anywhere in the house if the Ooma Telo is installed in a remote area of the home. Go to Ooma’s homepage for more info.

vonage_logo_featureVonage, one of the leading providers of low cost voice-over-IP services worldwide, recently announced the beta launch of video calling for Vonage Mobile on Android. Vonage Mobile with video allows users to easily make free app-to-app video calls over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G service areas, and features include the ability to go back and forth between video and voice, flip camera views, and mute your call. Video calling for Vonage Mobile on Android is available now on Google Play.

pocket gems 1

Here’s an interesting tid-bit you can talk about at the dinner table. Pocket Gems recently conducted an analysis of smartphone users (both Apple and Android) and their titles to understand the relationship between smartphone resolution and in-app monetization. They discovered that Android users with the highest resolution devices are nearly 10 times more likely to make in-app purchases than users with lower resolution devices. As far as iPhones go, the iPhone 5 monetizes nearly 4 times that of the older generation iPhone 3GS. What does that mean? Simply put, the better your screen resolution the more you purchase apps and games. If you get deeper into it, you can talk about income and the ability to purchase newer models of phones, but I won’t bore you with all that. You can download Pocket Gems’ findings here, and make yourself sound even more intellectual at the dinner table tonight!


Want some more info to fill your mind? Salorix has released a social media report that looks at Twitter conversations centered on the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch on Wednesday, March 13. The report reveals how Samsung dominated Twitter with 609, 248 tweets on the day of launch. 42% of the overall hashtags used are from Samsung campaigns, including #unpacked, #thenextgalaxylaunch, and #thenextgalaxy. For more interesting facts from the report, visit


You know all of the card games that companies have made into apps: Solitaire, Phase Ten, Five Card Draw, and so on. Well now Uno has joined the list with Gamelofts Uno & Friends. This free game will be a new way to play your favorite classic card game with all your online friends, coming soon to iOS, Android, and Facebook. Head on over to YouTube to watch the trailer. Release date is yet to be announced.

kindle button

To finish off the week, Amazon released a new plug-in for websites called a Send to Kindle Button.  Any website owner can add the new button so their visitors can send content easily to their Kindle devices. The Send to Kindle Button is available for website owners to download for free at, or at for WordPress bloggers.



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