Slowly but surely, the features that we are all accustomed to already within the native Gmail app, are coming to Inbox. This time around, the latest update brings Trip Bundles within Inbox. Basically, this allows users to easily find any of their travel arrangement information, without having to search high and low. Users also don’t have to worry about creating a separate folder just for your travel info.

Naturally, if you’re an Inbox Zero kinda person, you have folders and rules for everything, so this won’t be a major update. What’s more exciting is that Inbox is getting closer and closer to the Gmail application.

Trip Bundles Inbox

The new Trip Bundles features include the grouping of hotel reservations, flight purchases, rental car confirmations and check-in reminders. All of this annoying, yet pertinent information will be grouped together for easy findings. This will help you if you need to pull something up quickly, especially if your hands are already full of your various bags and such.

When it’s time to fly, Inbox will even update your flight status so you’ll know if your trip is on time or if your gate has changed. You can open the bundle to see all your emails related to that trip, with the most important information (like flight times) right at the top. Each section in the bundle gives you all the details about your flight, rental car, hotel or restaurant reservation. And when there are multiple emails about the same reservation, Inbox is smart enough to only show you the most up-to-date information.

The update has already been making its way to your devices, so be on the lookout to see if these features have already made a home within Inbox. Let us know how these new features have helped you on a recent trip, or on one that you are about to be taking.

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  1. If the point is to get closer and closer to the Gmail app, why not just use the Gmail app? I want to like Inbox, but so far I haven’t seen how it improves my email experience.

    • To a certain extent I agree, however if you follow the rules of Inbox Zero, Inbox allows you to handle emails better than what gmail does. Meaning reminders for responding at a later time or anything of that nature.

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