Introducing the Android Network Awards!

awards_logo_001If you tuned into last night’s AndroidGuys podcast, you were among the first to learn of today’s big announcement.  All of your favorite Android sites are coming together as one in an effort to launch the Android Network Awards.  It’s our way of bringing attention to all the great apps that help make Android the awesome platform it is.

This will be for more than just bragging rights.  If you’re new to Android, this would be the best way to find out what you should be downloading.  Who better to listen to than your peers?

It works like this – We’ll help assemble the lists of the top apps in their respective categories and then turn around and give it off to you guys.

We’re breaking Android down into around 25 categories with 5-7 apps in each.  Once we have those apps compiled, we hand it of to you!  You’re all judges.

The ANA team is working very hard right now with the behind-the-scenes stuff as we finalize the categories and the apps but we can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say about it!  Look for voting to open up shortly. Ideally, the goal is to announce the first winners in early August to coincide with the myTouch 3G launch!

So who is the team so far?  Well, it’s all the Android sites you’ve come to know and love over the last year or so!

As of today, the list includes:

We’re reaching out to a few others around the globe and are really looking to push this hard.  It works best if everyone chimes in!  If you run a site and are wanting to pitch in, we’d be glad to hear from you.

7/14Announce promotion on podcast. Android Network Awards Committee begins to select 25 categories.
7/15Announce Android Network Awards across all network sites.
7/20*Top 25 categories are announced with up to 5 entries picked by the committee. Public nominations begin for any apps missed.
7/27*Announce the official 5-7 entries for each of the 25 categories. Create polls and share embed codes.
8/03*Final Voting begins across all network sites.
8/10*Announce Android Network Awards Winners!

*Dates subject to change

And now for the categories… here’s the preliminary/tentative list.

  • Best Widget
  • Best Media Player
  • Best Location-Based App
  • Best Social Networking App
  • Best Finance app
  • Best VoiceMail App
  • Best Use of Barcode
  • Best Weather Utilit
  • Best Twitter App
  • Best Travel app
  • Best WOW Factor App
  • Best Email App
  • Best Organization/Productivity App
  • Best security app
  • Best sports app
  • Best GPS app
  • Best streaming music app
  • Best tool app
  • Best fitness app
  • Best developer or dev team
  • Best custom build of Android
  • Best hack Best home replacement app
  • Best shopping app
  • Best camera app
  • Best Travel app
  • Best Arcade game
  • Best Puzzle game
  • Best Card/Casino game
  • Best Casual game

We’re incredibly excited to see who takes home the first Android Network Awards.   Get ready!

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