Is This the Cupcake Keyboard? (VIDEO)

We had a video passed along to us yesterday which is nothing more than a minute long look at an on-screen keyboard running within Android.  While we couldn’t gather any other information from our source about it, we’re thinking it might be the soft keyboard that comes with the cupcake update due anytime.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of it.  If it’s the actual touch keyboard that is coming from Android, we’re in love.  It’s simple, clean, and polished looking.  Be sure to check back for more information as we get it.

Thanks Paul!

UPDATE: Here’s another video that looks like a cupcake update.  It looks like slide transitions are included now.

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  1. Those transitions are overhyped, you can enable them using a market app but they get pretty boring after a while. Hope there’s a way to disable them

  2. Android has always had slide transitions, they’re just disabled by default and for whatever reason there is no option in the menus to enable it. Somebody wrote an app that’s in the Market right now that will enable them for you. I have mine on, but they’re pretty pointless.

  3. Fyi, that is cupcake, but the soft keyboard is just sample code for writing an IME it is not what will actually ship.

  4. Let you know that the cupake upgrade is not what it seems and will not be coming out as a ota upgrade in January and if it does it will piss off a lot of people with the G1. I have been following the google group of the developers on the cupake and its a piece of garbage as it is now. One person there put it on his G1 and when he recorded video it crashed and froze up constantly. They now say there needs to be a new radio firmware update before it ever works on the G1 and no such work is being done on this. I have felt all along this was not dor the G1 but for future Android phones. Its a shame no one tells anyone about thsi at all. Shame on them.

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