Jelly Bean is the safest version of Android yet

Google made history at this year Google I/O by launching the best version of Android OS so far, which is known as the Jelly Bean a.k.a Android 4.1. The operating system is not only designed to give smooth and best experience, but also to protect users from malicious installations and other such attacks. It features industry-standard defence, also Jelly Bean is the first OS to properly feature ASLR, and it’s defined below:

Address space layout randomization (ASLR) is a computer security method which involves randomly arranging the positions of key data areas, usually including the base of the executable and position of libraries, heap, and stack, in a process’s address space.”

Serial hackers are saying that Jelly Bean is really hard to exploit, but if we talk about iOS 6, Jelly Bean is pretty far behind from it in ASLR implementation. The latest release of Google’s Android mobile operating system is designed to protect users against hack attacks that install malware on their phones.

“As long as there’s anything that’s not randomized, then it (ASLR) doesn’t work, because as long as the attacker knows something is in the same spot, they can use that to break out of everything else, Jelly Bean is going to be the first version of Android that has full ASLR and DEP, so it’s going to be pretty difficult to write exploits for that.” Charlie Miller, a veteran smartphone hacker and principal research consultant at security firm Accuvant, told Ars Technica.

Well, the good thing here is that Jelly Bean is the best Android OS available at the moment, and I hope all the OEM’s will start updating their devices to it. Tell us what you think about Jelly Bean in the comment box below.

Source: Ars Technica


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