Join Android Forums – Take Your Experience to The Next Level

Alright, so you have the Android phone – and you kind of know how to use it – but what’s next? If you really LOVE Android, like many of us, it’s time to join a community and expand your knowledge!

The Android community has quite a large following, in fact if you were to combine all the Android forum members into one lump sum, there’s approximately 247,923 users floating around. That’s 247,923 people that can answer questions, share experiences, and share opinions. The base of Android users on Twitter is also huge, why not follow a few? Just search #Android and you are sure to find a wealth of helpful people.

Ready to Take Action?
If you want to join and participate in an Android forum, let’s cover my personal top 4 – where that huge number came from.

  1. Android Forums
    Android Forums (AF) is the community developed by Phandroid.  AF has 121,212 members, and that number increases every day. You’ll find threads for nearly every Android phone, carrier, and even threads for applications.  If you want to attempt to root your phone, there’s even a section to go for advice. This forum offers a friendly experience. Despite the large member base, the forum feels small enough to offer a more “personal” experience, and several regular posters end up becoming helpful friends.
  2. Android Community
    Android Community (AC) is a rather large forum (powered by Android Community) offering threads for broad base subjects such as general discussion, hardware discussion, and even Android development.  AC has 77,063 members. If you aren’t planning on joining this community, I highly recommend searching through it when you have questions about your phone. You will likely find all of your answers via user posts.
  3. Talk Android Community
    The Talk Android Community is composed of 28,227 users. The community is powered by Talk Android. It’s a smaller community, but has several threads ranging from the Android Market, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, carriers, etc.  This forum offers a very “personal” experience.
  4. Android Central Community
    The Android Central Community is powered by Android Central. Their member base is composed of 21,421 users. Android Central’s forums are geared towards rumor discussion and individual Android phones. It’s an awesome resource if you are having issues with your phone.

These are not the only Android forums out there, but they offer a wide range of subjects and are chalk full of helpful people. So what are you waiting for? Take your Android experience to the next level and participate within the community!

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