Join Lumsing’s Cutting-Edge Club to get any product you want absolutely free

I’ve come across one of the coolest clubs in a long time with Lumsing’s “The Cutting-Edge Club”.

If you don’t want to read on you can goto and learn more for yourself.

Who is Lumsing?

Lumsing is a well established brand in the mobile accessories market. There’s a chance you may have heard of them through one of my product reviews, like this one of the Lumsing 8000mAh portable powerbank. If you haven’t heard of Lumsing, I am here to tell you it offers useful, simple, durable and bargain priced accessories like chargers, portable batteries, cables, headphones, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.51.07 PM

Every product I have ever tested wows me with the ease of use and simplicity that I desire in my complicated life.

The Cutting-Edge Club

Lumsing’s new Cutting-Edge Club is here to give you any of its products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review at Amazon. You can take my word for it, they want your honest feedback because even the negative reviews will help them develop better products. In a world of companies that truly want you to promote their brands at any cost, Lumsing stands apart as one who honestly stands behind its products. All Lumsing asks for is truthful feedback. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

In order to participate all you have to do is give them a little information at Lumsing will ask for your name, address, Amazon user profile, and contact email address.

Ahead of the curve. We all want to be there but it’s hard to get there without unlimited money or deep insider knowledge. It’s the sort of thing that’s only in dreams–or at least it was until recently.

We have a program where you can review our products. And keep them for free. Yes, the products are yours to keep forever and ever, to have and to hold. You can bring them hiking, to work, to the club or even take them to the moon. – Lumsing

Wait, there’s more

In addition to one of the coolest clubs in the world, Lumsing is also doing a giveaway through June 29th on its Instagram page. In order to qualify for the giveaway, you will need to register for the Cutting-Edge Club and follow Lumsing on Instagram.

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One winner per day will be selected. If you want, you can also follow Lumsing on Facebook as well for extra credit, although it isn’t necessary.

Should you try writing a review?

Hell yeah! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially high-quality products you would use on a regular basis from Lumsing. Read the reviews of Lumsing’s products at for yourself and see the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Or you could write to better your own skills.

Five years ago I started to write reviews on Amazon because I had a passion for gadgets. I was one of the few people in my family and group of friends who actually loved technology. In turn they would all ask me for advice, and it turned into a hobby to write reviews on Amazon so they could read them. My user profile can even be found here where I was once a top 10k reviewer.

Even today I write as a hobby, since my main job is a Medicinal Chemist at a Biotech company in San Diego. Writing has opened up doors for me that I never would have dreamed five years ago. It helps me communicate my ideas better to the Research group, and it also sends me on trips to CES, Google Nexus launches, and the latest Google I/O.

So do it for the free swag, or do it to better yourself and share your ideas with readers like your friends and family. There’s no better place to start than with this new Cutting-Edge Club from Lumsing. And if you want someone to help you get started, please feel free to email me, and I will personally do my best to explain the world of reviewing to you. I’ll even edit your work if you want it.


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