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I wanna share an idea with anyone out there looking for a program to write for Android. Well, not just developers. I had an idea today standing at Starbucks this morning and felt like sharing it with our readers. Imagine this scenario…

For the purpose of this post, I will use Starbucks as the example company. Whenever you (and your Android phone) are within range of Starbucks, your phone vibrates and alerts you that “You may place your order with us now and avoid the line.” An applet or API runs on your phone and communicates through the WiFi connection with full drink menus.

Tap the button next to “White Chocolate Mocha” while sitting in that comfy leather chair you had to race towards. The barista calls out your name when it’s ready. Your profile already has your name in it because you set it up on Starbucks’ website. This is where you downloaded the program to begin with.

Since your phone has oodles of hard drive space, you can set this up over and over again with different restaurants. Heck, why stop there? Bring up the room service menu from the Hilton or ask for another round of drinks at the bowling alley.

Anybody working on this already?

UPDATE: It appears that Apple is working on something very similar to this right now. Specifically, they are applying for a patent for iPhone users.

To be more clear on my post, I did not mean for the mobile devices users to get serviced over those standing in line. More of a convenience thing. Might work better for users in places like hotels, country clubs, or bars.