Android Auto doesn’t often show up in the slew of Android news we regularly digest. That’s a pity, because it is neat technology, especially if you spend a lot of time in your car. Fortunately, Kenwood (known for making multimedia consoles for the car) has shown at CES 2016 that it’s all in for smartphone support and Android Auto.

The new top-end car receiver that Kenwood is boasting is the eXcelon DNX893S. It brings all the bells and whistles you’d want from a multimedia receiver today, and yes, Android Auto.


So why should you drop the dough and jump in? Kenwood claims that it has “redesigned this unit inside and out”. It has a 7″ capacitive touch screen and a dual-core processor for speed and a pack of features.

[blockquote author=”Kenwood”]The double-DIN, touch friendly unit is the company’s most complete entertainment and information center to date, receiving a completely new processing infrastructure, enhanced smartphone integration, improved safety features and support for high-resolution audio.[/blockquote]

Via the Android Auto interface, users have access to navigation, streaming, messaging, and voice control. There are two USB ports, thoughtfully with fast charging.


The built-in apps interface with the corresponding smartphone apps, letting the user access and control services like Spotify and Pandora (communicated through Bluetooth). What’s more, the DNX893S has MHL support over HDMI. This means that you can mirror your phone’s screen on the receiver’s larger display and control your features that way.

Audiophiles should also be satisfied with the DNX893S. The receiver supports high-resolution audio playback, with the ability to decode 192KHz and 24-bit FLAC (lossless audio). HD Radio is on-board as well.

Check out Kenwood’s press release on the link below for more details. If you spend a great deal of time commuting, it should definitely be a consideration.

Source: Kenwood press release | DNX893S product page

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  1. I have a 2015 CRV touring with Navi with a stock screen! I hate the navigation. But I paid extra for these features. Would it be dumb to buy this head unit just for android auto?

    • I wouldn’t say it is dumb, but Android Auto is still in early adopter status as far as I am concerned. And if you use Waze regularly, Android Auto will actually get in your way rather than help you because Google/Waze has not created an Android Auto interface for it yet. (There is a work-around to get Waze to display on your phone while it is in Android Auto mode.)

      Beside that, I have installed by a Pioneer AA aftermarket head unit (4100NEX) and the top of the line Kenwood AA aftermarket head unit. The Pioneer is far superior to the Kenwood. The Kenwood takes forever to boot when the ignition or ACC comes on and it takes it a long time to get AA up and running. Further, it is a pain to get AA set up in the Kenwood. After pairing three different phones, I still find that I have to Bluetooth pair, then plug in the USB after making sure AA is running on my phone, then it still might take a couple of plugging and unplugging the phone before it works. Even to this day, I sometimes have to plug in the phone a couple of times to get AA to come up properly with the Kenwood. With the Pioneer, it just works. Plug in a new phone, it will pair everything as needed and AA comes up within seconds.

      • thank you. I think I’ll hold off a little and see if honda will update the software to have android auto as some honda forums said could occur.

        But when I do buy I’ll be looking pioneer

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