Korea’s First Android 2.0 Handset is the ‘Motoroi’

The first Android 2.0 handset to arrive is Korea will be Motorola’s “Motoroi“.  Available exclusively through SK Telecom starting in early February, the Motoroi features an 8 megapixel camera, a 3.7-inch high-definition WVGA screen.  Speaking of high-def, the handset also features 720p video recording and  HDMI output to play your HD videos directly to your HDTV.    The cost of the phone ends up around 900,000 won, or $800 USD, which is right about the same price as the iPhone in South Korea’s market.

MOTOROI is a smart phone without compromise, delivering a wiser, richer web and messaging experience with the most delightful touch-interface you have ever experienced, all made possible through the combination of Motorola’s expertise in design, a truly differentiated Android experience, and the power of SK Telecom’s network. – Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices.

If the Motoroi looks a tad familiar to you, it’s because we’ve reported it previously as the Sholes Tablet/XT701.  You guys feeling the hip on the side?

Source: Press Release