Kyocera, Wind River in Crucial Android Agreement

Android received a crucially important boost today from OHA allied companies Wind River and Kyocera. Kyocera hired Wind River to develop an Android Platform which will stabilize and standardize the development of Android-based handset platforms.

Given the fact that the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) is an open platform, the agreement between these two major players in the Android development processes will go a super long way in helping other players in the OHA to develop Android Handsets.

No date was given for the finished software platform – but Kyocera needs to edge its way in as a major handset player again and Android is its perfect opportunity.

We wish them well, and Godspeed. We can *all* use a standardized, global, and Open Platform for handset makers to get great phones into the market quickly.

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  1. (1) Godspeed??? “We wish them well, AND Godspeed”??? Please get a grip on yourselves. Relax. You guys sound so giddy it’s gross — like school children. How can you possibly care so intensely about “getting great phones into the market”?

    (2) Please take the extra minute for QA, and *review* and *revise* before posting:

    “for handset makers to _quickly_ get great phones into the market _quickly_”

  2. Would someone be interested in deconstructing the market speak in this post and the linked article? Is Android the platform or not? Are these companies going to improve the main platform or are they forking it? If so, is the fork just for Kyocera hardware or is it a fork designed to work on various hardware profiles. I don’t get this one at all.

    Dara Parsavand

  3. Dara;

    The “Main Platform” is open source and is also the OS (operating system). What Kyocera and Wind River are teaming up to accomplish is to also develop the API’s (Application Programming Interface) see *also in open source* to standardize (so to speak) and help develop the hardware platforms not just the OS for handsets.

    Is this any clearer?

    James Bay;

    Yeah, a redundant word got through the editing process. Thanks for your observation. Giddy and gross? Get over yourself dude! We are excited about Android and stuff connected to and with it.

    Relax! Take an extra minute to enjoy life! Thanks ever so much for the input.

    Jay Rephan
    [email protected]

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