Attention Android fans: The Sanyno Zio from Kyocera is now available from Cricket Wireless.  The Zio is the first Android phone available to Cricket Wireless customers and features a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen, 3G web browsing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3.2-megapixel camera/camcorder, MP3 capabilities with a MicroSD slot, and 512MB internal memory. It is a very speedy, cheap handset.  The Zio will launch with Android 1.6 but users will be getting Android 2.1 in the coming months.  You will find this phone on sale for $249.99 and it gets its own $55 Android service plan which includes nationwide talk, text, email, web, mms, Android Market access and international capabilities. Check out the hands-on. It looks pretty damn sharp for a phone with that price. It is really nice to see Cricket getting an Android phone.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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  1. BUYER BEWARE…..this phone still has glitches…..the phone itself is nice…..however… will not be able to use the internet…..this means no picture messaging… internwt browsing and so on until at least November…..for now anyway…..but who actually knows… I have paid $250.00 for this phone and I am paying $ 55.00 for a plan that I am pratically not even getting my use out of…..this really sucks…..

    • Hey Becky, I was considering this phone. We have Cricket here in Chattanooga TN and I am tired of not having the use of a smartphone on this network. So what’s the scoop on yours? It can’t browse HTML yet? No apps work? Can’t download apps? I talked to one Cricket rep about the phone and plan and they never once mentioned no internet til November. What area are you in?

      • Aaron……….get your Zio! I have been using my phone A LOT in the last week and downloaded a bunch of apps, (Pandora, Rhapsody, Tune-in-Radio,, and a bunch more), all work great. I connect to my WiFi at home to view special programs from, it works great too.

        Make sure you test the internet before you leave the Cricket store, that way if there is an issue with programming they’ll fix it. Once you get online you should be able to download apps.

    • I have had my ZIO for one week. Everything works as advertised, internet browsing, picture messaging, GPS, etc. The problems Becky is having is probably due to programming. I recommend going to a Cricket store and having the phone reprogrammed to the $55.00 Android plan. It happened to me the first day I bought it but after they reprogrammed it everything was working great.

      I definitely recommend this phone!!!!!!!!!!

  2. FANTASTIC. Everything is working perfectly. I have loaded it up with everthing I wanted and there is still room for more. I also recommend this phone.

  3. I have been using the Zio for two weeks. Phone reception, internet, text and pic messaging, WiFi and GPS all work fine. I bought mine off the official Cricket website with overnight shipping as an upgrade for my existing Cricket phone. All I had to do was call Cricket and activate it once I received it (activation process took about 5 minutes). No problems at all since then. I get better reception here in Houston than some people with the Verizon iPhone plan in this area.

  4. I love the phone, only thing that keeps on irritating me is the internal memory. Keeps on telling me its getting low and I have to go in an kill or unintall some apps. Any idea on how to keep this from happening? I do have some programs that control it OK but still needs attention every once in a while.

  5. So I picked up a used Zio on Ebay for under $200 …. and I got the WiFi to work right out of the box….setup my Gmail, even downloaded several Apps with no problems, … but when I called Cricket to get it activated, they told me they couldn’t do it over the phone and told me to go to nearest Corporate Cricket store.

    Went to 2 different Corporate stores and both told me that it couldn’t be activated because it was “in inventory” at another store… whatever that means.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get it activated ?

  6. Probably the reason it cant be activated is either cause its active in another account or it is reported as stolen, if it is active in another account just wait 3 months starting on the last day a payment was made and the account automatically gets disconnected =)

  7. just waiting for the new update to 2.1 but i will never see this update from cricket they lie update for ever will be a month away hey when will the phone be updated will a month from now will always be the case with cricket.

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