Our friends over at AndroidPolice recently got their hands on some Pixel leaks. The phones look awfully similar to an HTC A9.

Although the photos are blurred, we can see details like an aluminum finish, no camera bump (YES!) and the 5X/6P fingerprint reader in the back. We also see the odd glassy area on the upper third of the phone, which I personally find ugly. But to each their own.

Image credit: AndroidPolice
Image credit: AndroidPolice

According to previous rumors/leaks, Google is laying to rest the Nexus brand, and bringing the Pixel name to phones. The smaller 5-inch model will just be called the Pixel, while the bigger 5.5-inch phone will be the Pixel XL. The phones are expected to come in blue, silver and black.

Another rumor is that the phones will start at a whopping $649, and that’s just for the smaller model. It’s hard to see if Google and HTC can pull off a price like this for an Android phone. Hopefully that price won’t be for a base model, and instead have a 128GB storage configuration.

Image credit: AndroidPolice
Image credit: AndroidPolice

Google is said to plan special financing options for these phones. Whether it will be Project Fi pricing or carrier-specific, it’s hard to tell at this time. So far, the October 4 release date hasn’t deviated.

Also leaked today was a Nest ad in the Netherlands that showed a woman using the same model Pixel as above. Check it out below:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Google just posted a video on YouTube confirming the October 4 date. See you there?


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  1. If those photos are of the real thing, I’m even less inclined to consider one. Completely generic phone design (that glossy area at the back didn’t improve matters much…) – For that kind of money, I’d at least expect something a _little_ original, and not a design Samsung (and an infinite number of China copy cats) has been churning out in droves for the last 5 years.

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