Leaked Verizon Doc Suggests Pricing and Dates for HTC Bliss, Samsung Stratosphere [UPDATE – FAKE]

A freshly leaked Verizon document has arrived today, shedding new light on a pair of unannounced Android smart phones.  Take a look at the image to the left and you’ll see the female-centric HTC Bliss has a new expected launch date of October 14th, two weeks later than its original September 29th date.  Pricing looks to be right in line with most Android handsets at $199.99 with a presumed two-year service agreement.

Now, on to the  SCHi9250GT Samsung Stratosphere.  If the model number sounds familiar it’s because that’s the one getting tied to all the Nexus Prime stuff.  Strange right?  Rumors suggest the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich and feature a 4.65-inch (1280×720) display and 5-megapixel camera.  The last time we checked, whispers indicated this would not arrive until the end of November.  We’ve heard that Google was inching up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich however the September 29th launch seems a tad premature.  One thing’s for certain, the $299 price indicates new-era, larger Galaxy S II. Maybe Samsung was right when they said that these specs were “inaccurate”.  We’ll find out for sure in the next few days as Samsung takes to the stage to unveil the U.S. iterations of the Galaxy S II.

NOTE: The image you see was initially found on Android Central , more specifically their forums.  We’d love to link you to both spots but neither return a valid URL at this point.

UPDATE: And now we know why it’s gone.  Apparently this came from a forum troll who has subsequently been banned.  The document was found to be faked.  Move along, nothing to see!

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