The LG G watch is one of the first products introduced with Android Wear. One month in and its starting to show what Google has intended for wearable devices. The smart watch is not intended to replace you phone or tablet, instead it is intended to replace your watch. Google has made this clear with how the watch interface looks and feels. Android Wear is simple and easy to learn. Synced with your phone the watch provides an at a glance view for the user. The primary function is an extension of Google Now giving you views such as weather, stocks, sports, and a host of other Google Now features.

Android Wear has some downsides to it. To start it is essentially in Beta. There are very few apps and at times has a pause between transitions. To me the smart watch is here but needs some polish. Google has made the most complete effort in making the smart watch what it supposed to be, not a phone replacement, but a peripheral to the phone. Most people seem to have a vision of a Sci-fi watch that replaces the phone. The watch may one day replace the phone we are just not there yet. The way Google has pitched the current smart watch feels right and makes sense.

Battery Life

Battery life appears to be the most touchy subject when it come to a watch. The question continues to loom, “How long will it last?” The LG G watch lasts about a day and a half. For a watch this is a terrible amount of time. When I hear people compare battery life of a smart watch to that of a standard watch I feel it’s like comparing apples to oranges. At the end of the day a smart watch does a whole lot more than just a watch. Yes a smart watch has terrible battery life at this time in the future it may not be a problem. For me I don’t wear my watch to bed so I take it off at night. When I take it off it goes on the charger which is relatively simple to use. For me personally battery life has not been an issue.


The LG G watch interface it the same as every watch that has Android Wear. This is a positive for wearable devices because it avoids the dreaded F word. People wearing a watch tend to care what it looks like. Google having full control of the interface allows manufactures to focus more on the looks of the device and not the software. Previous smart watches tend to have gimmicky features or attempt to cram to much into a small package making them awkward to use. Android Wear interface is simple and elegant. Google has made the interface make sense to use. The only down side to the interface at this time is lack of apps and the occasional short freeze. These issues should be eliminated with time and updates.


The LG G watch is a plain and simple design. No frill, no buttons, and no cameras, just a simple square that comes in white or black. The watch itself stands out though given that it is a smart watch and is a rare sight in public. Many people notice the watch almost immediately and begin to ask questions. It is new and not very many people have them. Many people are curious and want to know, ” What is it?”, “How does it work?”, and “Do you like it?”. As smart watches become more common place I feel that the LG G watch will be just a plain non assuming item. Nothing sticks out about the watch that makes you remember it.



Applications for the watch are few and far between. There are apps being added fairly regularly, but some seem to be half complete or do not work at all. Google made a very good effort to make sure essential apps were available at first. Most apps are just a show of what the watch can do and are not that helpful. Some apps become every day helpers. Google keep finally makes sense as a shopping list. No more fumbling with your phone at the store it’s now all on your wrist. Hangouts is also very convenient for viewing and responding to messages. Camera is also very handy for seeing what your phone sees while setting up that family portrait. As time progresses the app library for wearable’s will grow just as the phone and tablet apps grew.

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Wear Mini Launcher is an essential app for any Android Wear device.

In conclusion the LG G watch is a very solid stab at what a wearable device should be. The watch feels good to wear and doesn’t feel awkward. It is not for everyone as the interface and app library are not complete. For $229.00 you can’t go wrong with the device. It is convenient, useful, and simple. I find myself using the watch as much as I use my phone.The thing people need to remember is that this is not replacing you phone it is replacing your watch. For a watch replacement it does a solid job, just has a few rough edges that will be polished with time.

LG G Watch

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