LG G3 sells like crazy: 100,000 units sold in Korea after just 5 days

Earlier this week we reported that LG G3 outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in Korea at a 3:1 ratio, selling 25-30,000 units a day. We’re talking initial launch period but these are still some respectable numbers. Now we have some more numbers for you.

I don’t think even LG expected to sell as many units in Korea, though it’s far early to judge anything, especially considering these are only Korean stats. But here’s yet another encouraging bit of information; LG sold 100,000 G3’s in just 5 days. In Korea alone.

It seems like LG is currently on fire in its homeland these numbers could soon be substantially grown internationally.

Looks like the work put into making the G3 is paying off for LG and that its beastly screen and other specs in combination with the phone’s design is working perfectly when it comes to appealing consumers. Are you going to get the LG G3?

SOURCE: KoreaTimes
VIA: PhoneArena

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