[dropcaps]The LG G4 was announced yesterday with all of its stylish glory. Sporting top of the line specs, a beautiful leather back and a gorgeous display, the LG G4 is device truly worthy of being called a flagship smartphone. With so much going for it though, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it…such as falling on concrete and shattering. Yes, that would be a grand shame. Trident, being the great case manufacturer that it is, has thankfully foreseen that happening to some unlucky individuals and has thus decided to expand its Aegis and Cyclops cases to support the LG G4 and LG G Stylo.[/dropcaps]

[blockquote author=”Trident”]Known for its lightweight and slim protection, Trident’s Aegis series is designed with polycarbonate and silicone to guarantee a superior fit with any smartphone or tablet device.[/blockquote]

The Aegis series is Tridents lightest offering while at the same time still offering great protections. Made from polycarbonate and silicone materials, the case is more than capable of handling drops onto most hard surfaces. The Aegis also meets MIL-STD-810G standards for vibration and drop protection, for those of you that like to have concrete proof of its durability.

[blockquote author=”Trident”]Known for its optimal protection, Trident’s Cyclops series minimizes bulk without sacrificing smartphone security. Cushioned inside and out, Cyclops series cases are constructed with polycarbonate and TPE to provide superior case strength in a thin design. [/blockquote]

The Cyclops series offers a step up in durability by ditching the silicone material used in the Aegis case and opting instead to use TPE. This gives the Cyclops series higher durability when it comes to being dropped or thrown about (you know, when you get angry at something and your phone is the only unfortunate item close by). Also included in the Cyclops series of cases is Tridents latest technology, Sound Funnel Technology, wich enhances audio output from your device.

All in all, these are some great cases for the newly announced devices from LG. It is usually a shame when you have to hide the beautiful designs of the smartphones that you spent so much money on, but Trident at least makes that pain a bit more dull by making some vibrant cases that will protect your LG G4 and still make it look good in the process.

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