phoneToday at the LG G5 event at World Mobile Congress, LG revealed its latest flagship and all the goodies that come with it. The metal and glass clad uni-body sports an unusual feature – a modular bottom tray that allows extensions and additional components to be used with the phone.

The tray slot can accept a unique variety of modules specially designed for the G5.

‘Friends’ is basically a range of these modules and accessories that can be used in junction with the G5 in everyday situations. The modular design offers a potentially endless assortment of unusual and unique add-ons that will be built internally at LG and by third-party developers who are being encouraged to use LG’s module software.

Such add-ons include the LG Cam Plus, a bulky modular piece which gives you extreme control over the camera while giving you good one-handed grip. There is also an extra 1,100mAh battery built into this unit. Another one is a 32-bit DAC by Bang and Olufsen which gives you unprecedented ability to listen to high-quality audio.

‘Friends’ is not only about modules. It’s also about accessories that connect to the phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the LG-HiFi-Plusaudio jack.

Take the LG Rolling Bot, for example. It is an awesome assistant robot (BB-8 style) that you control through the G5. It has a live camera that feeds directly to your phone through your Wi-Fi, enabling you to remotely monitor your house, with the ability to use speakers and a microphone. Particularly useful for talking to pets while you’re on holiday.

LG-360-CAMThe LG 360 Cam allows you to record in 360° in while simply moving the camera around like you normally would, and you can live-stream it to the G5 while you use it. It records in 2K with 5.1ch surround sound.

The LG 360 VR, which LG claims weighs one third of your standard VR set, offers a premium VR experience with a whooping 639 pixels per inch on the display.

Headset wise, the LG Tone Platinum uses Bluetooth to deliver HiFi audio to your ears without cables. It utilizes Harmon Kardon Platinum grade hardware to ensure the best possible sound.

There is also a wired H3 Bang and Olufsen Play headset that only works on Android. It should be capable of pumping out some delicious audio along with the DAC module!

It is all these accessories and devices that together make up Friends, your companion to your G5.


“We wanted something fun and exciting,” Ramchan Woo, vice president of smartphone product planning for LG in told reporters. “The mission of the G5 is to wake up the play instinct. Smartphones are all the same…. The customer looking for a phone thinks ‘I’ll just buy the cheaper phone’.”

And it is that very statement that drove LG to create something new, unique and different: the G5 and Friends.



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