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We know for a while that there will be another LG flagship phone this year. LG has confirmed as much. We’re expecting another LG flagship in the second half of 2015 and with only 3 months left, we’re running out of time. But we may be getting some indication of LG’s plans based on a trademark filing uncovered from the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

g4 note filing


We haven’t seen a ton of leaks of the G4 Note so far, one being back in March from XDA Developers. According to the leak, the G4 Note will feature a stylus that comes out of the top, unlike the Galaxy Note line which has theirs placed in the bottom of the phone. But can LG make something that beats Samsung at their own game? Part of the strength of the Note series is the stylus and from the leaks, the G4 Note’s appears to be really weak. Can we expect the same functionality from the Wacom Stylus, known as the S-Pen? The S-Pen and it’s software have had a nice evolution since it’s debut years ago. It makes your takes more convenient to complete. Can LG hope to match that?

g4 note stylus

We will see. A stylus, removable back, removable battery and Micro SD card slot are going to be very attractive to previous Note owners who are disappointed in the Note 5’s redesign and looking to upgrade.

Source: Phandroid, XDA Developers

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  1. I would just like to know why LG is seemingly on a roll trolling Samsung with these trademark names.
    Sure they could come out with something the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE fans want but damn….. at least be original with the naming instead of this nonsense.

    • They’ve got to get the attention of the millions of disgruntled ex-Samsung users who may never consider an LG or hear of this phone’s existence without the “Note” tag showing what it is, so I really do agree with LG doing this.

  2. I’ve owned every Note since the Note 2, and almost never use the stylus. Frankly, if the G4 Pro is speced out and has a removable battery and an SD slot, they could glue the stylus in as far as I care.

  3. If Samsung does not increase the memory or allow the SD on future devices the Note 4 will be my last Samsung device. I’m not yet giving up my Note 4 so hopefully in the next 2 years things improve for the better. LG is getting my attention at the moment.

  4. That’s not even a stylus. Don’t even look like one. Looks more like the antennae for the international/ Korean model. Look at the bottom of it, looks like that’s where it gets screwed on. The dudes finger in the middle is covering up where it extends. I don’t believe for one second that this is the stylus the G4 Note will use

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