LG video teases unconventional display in upcoming phone

[df-subtitle]Due October 1, the forthcoming handset should feature a second, “ticker” display[/df-subtitle]

LG has published a video which looks to be teasing a rather unique display for an upcoming smartphone. There’s no outright mention of a handset nor are there any specs highlighted in the short clip which has been posted to YouTube. What it does offer up, however, is a glimpse at how the screen might operate.

In short, we should expect to see extra an display. Said screen will likely be used to show notifications for messages, missed calls, emails, and more. We don’t anticipate it being all that much different than what the “Edge” does for select Samsung smartphones.

Rumors have circulated for a few weeks that LG plans to announce a smartphone with a secondary “ticker” display. The teaser video somewhat confirms that the bonus screen will be at the top, to the right of the camera.

We won’t have to wait long to see what LG has in store for us. The YouTube video indicates all will be revealed on October 1.

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