How My Life Was Ruined by the Nexus One

I began to click refresh on my browser while sitting on at 10:01am on the day of the announcement for the Nexus One. No, I’m not ashamed to admit I am a full-fledged, card-carrying geek.

As soon as the page came up I began to answer the questions posed. Yes, I want the phone. No, I don’t want it engraved. Yay, I qualify for the $179 price. Everything was going according to plan.

Then that blasted conscience of mine kicked in. “Um, dude, you have four kids and just bought all of them plus your wife stuff for Christmas. You can’t afford this right now.” I argued back “I know, but if I sell my G1 for $100 it will mostly offset the price, I’m good”.

I even emailed my wife. I needed her on my side because my conscience wouldn’t stop pestering me.

Part of why we are about to celebrate our 19th year together is because my wife accepts the geek in me. She said if I wanted it, I should get it! Ha, take that conscience.

“Do what you want, but you know this will come back to hurt you later,” it said.

All that was left was a click on the final button and the phone would be mine. It would ship that same day. I was beyond excited at the thought!

Then, I closed the browser.

My conscience won again.

Since then I have scoured and more for updates on the phone I should of been experiencing first hand. Reviews were positive and the issues about a lack of support didn’t bother me because, well, I feel pretty comfortable around Android. I figure I could fix or work around whatever issue that might come up.  I’m a cocky, full-fledged, card carrying geek!

I began visiting the T-Mobile store with greater regularity. I wanted to know exactly what my cost would be both for the phone and the plan. My budget was being tweaked a little so I could buy the Nexus One for both my wife and myself in March, maybe.

Everything was coming together. Then, I held one.


A guy here at work noticed me carrying around my G1 and asked if I had bought the N1. I think he chuckled when I told him I hadn’t. He said he loved his.

He was walking into the bathroom and I did the unthinkable, I followed him.

I couldn’t believe he actually had one. This guy wasn’t an Android fanatic. He wasn’t a contributing writer for the best Android portal in all of cyber space. He didn’t deserve that phone, I did!

He said I could go to his desk to see it if I wanted.

I wanted.

Wow. The reviews about the screen were dead on. I have never seen a screen like that on a handset. At the risk of being corny, it was stunning.

I unlocked the phone figuring I only had a few minutes to play. I moved from screen to screen with ease. I opened the browser and the animation was slick; pages came up quick. I launched Google Maps and was about ready to check out the voice recognition component and keyboard when he walked up.

“I don’t like you anymore,” I said, smiling, as I handed him his phone.

I’m pretty sure he thought I was kidding. I mostly was.

We chatted a bit about how much he loves it. How he has had no issues with the phone. Then I left.

I was OK until I got a call and pulled out my G1 to answer it. My beloved G1 looked so old now. So slow, so clunky and thick, so 2009.


If I sell the G1 and get a payday advance loan I might be able to get my very own Nexus One in February!


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