We’ve all been in that situation when we’re running out of battery, and there’s nothing you can do but run in circles flailing your arms (or simply plug it in the wall). Well, LifeCable is attempting to make that inconvenience a bit lighter by introducing a cable that allows you to charge your phone from another phone. Yes, that’s nothing new, but what is new is that they claim it will be the first to be able to utilize both iPhone and Android connections.

LifeCable specs

Put shortly, you can charge your Android  with MicroUSB (Sorry, OnePlus Two users) with an iProduct that has the Lightning port, and vice versa. When can you get it? Well, it’s about to launch soon on Indiegogo for backers, so give their website a visit to get reminded for when it goes live.


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  1. What?! Why would you even?!? Who carries a phone around just to charge another phone? And if you are going to carry a cable like this around, what’s wrong with carrying a wall-wart too? The only situation I can see anything like phone to phone charging being useful is if your name is Walt and you’re with your friend Jesse in the middle of the New Mexico desert with a dead Winnebago and no one in sight.

    • Hey, there’s power users out there who could use something like this. Just probably isn’t for you.

      • But why not an external battery or charging unit, that’s actually made for this exact first world problem?

        • You’d be surprised at how many people utilize a tablet a phone into their daily routine. Somtimes they want to transfer power from the one to the other at the end of the day. A battery pack is ideal, but not everyone wants one.

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