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In the world of Google apps, Gmail is one of the most important tools in the Android world. In essence, your Gmail account is attached to everything Google. From the very first Android device you pick up you set up a Gmail account for the Play Store and other Google services. Chances are good for many of you that you’ve already got an account created from somewhere along the line. Gmail is not only a E-mail client it is your Google account that stores your contacts and Google settings.

gmail_iconSetting up a Gmail is very straight forward: Choose your name, password, and recovery email if you have one. Your account and profile is your name and password for everything Google like YouTube and Maps. You will receive an initial email welcoming you to Gmail and it has links to show all the features and tips for using your account. There is also a privacy agreement allowing Google servers to scan you email for advertising and for information to help personalize your other Google services like Google Now.

Gmail is fast, secure, and easy to use; it’s very efficient at blocking spam and malicious files that may harm your device. Many people agree Gmail is the safest email client available online today for the common user. Using the mail client Google automatically sorts your mail in three groups primary, social, and promotions. You can customize what mail goes in what tab but Google has made it very efficient in sorting by itself with no user input. Primary mail is your common mail between your contacts and business dealings. Social mail is your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks. Promotions are like the spam and promotion email you want to see like Groupon and Google Play.

In my personal experience I have always used Gmail for its reliability and ease of use I have to primary Email accounts and one AOL of all things from the old days. In general most all my mail is sorted in it proper folders. When setting up a new phone or computer I sign in and immediately my contacts and mail is restored along with my Google settings. I have a few other tabs I have created for work and business contacts and only once in a blue moon does anything seem out of place. Google has really made an email client what it should be smart, easy and safe.

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