Logitech Debuts Tablet Accessories

Logitech unveiled a new line of branded tablet accessories for both Android and iPad platforms today. First out of the gate will be the Bluetooth keyboard which will run $70 and should be available by the end of this month (May). Designed specifically with Android in mind, the layout and shortcut keys make it easy to lock the screen, play media, and more. Also included with the keyboard will be a stand that props the tablet up in landscape or portrait mode while being used. When not being utilized, the stand will house the keyboard.

Logitech has a Tablet Mouse for Android 3.1 tablets which lets users run the device in a notebook/netbook like experience. Featuring four-way scrolling and acting very much like their laser mice, this guy should be about $50 when it debuts this month. Also on the horizon is a wireless, Bluetooth speaker (Z515), that promises roughly 10 hours of playback per charge. Look for the speaker to arrive in June with a $100 price tag.

Via: Logitech